Swather netters take third at home meet

The Newton Kansan

HESSTON — The Hesston High School girls tennis team placed third Saturday at the seven-team Hesston Invitational II at the Hesston High School and Hesston College tennis courts.

Wichita Collegiate claimed the team title with 90 points, followed by Salina Sacred Heart with 70 and Hesston at 66.

Both Hesston singles players fell in the semifinals. Gracie Dawes downed teammate Michaela Martin 8-6 in the third-place match.

In doubles for Hesston, the team of Cassie Albin and Maggie Carlson finished seventh. The team of Emily Friesen and Hannah Bontrager finished 13th and the extra entry of Cora Yoder and K Friesen finished 14th.

Hesston hosts Conway Springs and Central Plains in college-style dual meets Thursday at Bethel College’s Marty Ward Tennis Center.

Hesston Inv. II


Team scores — Wichita Collegiate 90, Salina Sacred Heart 70, Hesston 66, Smoky Valley 58, Hillsboro 46, Central Plains 44, Wichita Independent 18.

x-non-scoring entry.


First round — Lily Perrin SSH bye, Kiarra Farha WI def. Kailee Funk Hil. 8-0, Gracie Dawes Hes. def. Angel Tran SSH 8-1, Aidan Bhargava WC def. Ashley Armstrong CP 8-2, Emma Montovani WC bye, Kyla Isaac Hil. def. Logan Spencer SV 8-4, Michaela Martin Hes. def. Brooke Armstrong CP 8-0, Karee Adam SV def. Reagan Varenhorst WC-x 8-6.

Quarterfinals — Championship: Perrin SSH def. Farha WI 8-0, Dawes Hes. def. Bhargava WC 8-1, Montovani WC def. Isaac Hil. 8-0, Martin Hes. def. Adam SV 8-5. Consolation: Funk Hil. bye, Tran SSH def. A.Armstrong CP 8-1, Spencer SV bye, Varenhorst WC-x def. B.Armstrong CP 8-0.

Semifinals — Championship: Perrin SSH def. Dawes Hes. 8-0, Montovani WC def. Martin Hes. 8-1. Fifth place bracket: Farha WI def. Bhargava WC 8-0, Isaac Hil. def. Adam SV 8-1. Ninth place bracket: Funk Hil. def. Tran SSH 8-6, Varenhorst WC-x def. Spencer SV 8-1.

Medal round — Championship: Perrin SSH def. Montovani WC 8-1. Third: Dawes Hes. def. Martin Hes. 8-6. Fifth: Isaac Hil. def. Farha WI 1-2 (retired). Seventh: Adam SV def. Bhargava WC 8-2. Ninth: Varenhorst WC def. Funk Hil. 8-5. 11th: Tran SSH def. Spencer SV 8-6. 13th: A.Armstrong CP def. B.Armstrong CP 8-6.


First round — Matteucci-Weiss SSH bye. Oeser-Jeffrey CP def. Ahlstedt-Gaskill SV 8-7 (7-5), Nichols-Bhargava WC def. Yoder-K.Friesen Hes.-x n/a, Albin-Carlson Hes. def. Funk-Maxfield Hil. 8-3, Conrad-Graham WC bye, Hammeke-Metro CP def. Easter-Banda SSH 8-1, Rauchholz-Elliott SV def. Plenert-Barnhardt Hil. 8-1, Strecker-Lair WC-x def. E.Friesen-Bontrager Hes. 8-5.

Quarterfinals — Championship: Matteucci-Weiss SSH def. Oeser-Jeffrey CP 8-2, Nichols-Bhargava WC def. Albin-Carlson Hes. 8-2, Conrad-Graham WC def. Hammeke-Metro SV 8-4, Rauchholz-Elliott SV def. Strecker-Lair WC-x 8-1. Consolation: Ahlstedt-Gaskill SV bye, Funk-Maxfield Hil. def. Yoder-K.Friesen Hes.-x 8-4, Easter-Banda SSH bye, Plenert-Barnhardt Hil. def. E.Friesen-Bontrager Hes. 8-6.

Semfinals — Championship: Matteucci-Weiss SSH def. Nichols-Bhargava WC 8-5. Fifth place bracket: Oeser-Jerrfrey CP def. Albin-Carlson Hes. 8-5, Hammeke-Metro CP def. Strecker-Lair WC-x 8-2. Ninth place bracket: Ahslstadt-Gaskill SV def. Funk-Maxfield Hil. 8-4, Plenart-Barnhardt Hil. def. Easter-Banda SSH 8-1.

Medal round — Championship: Conrad-Graham WC def. Matteucci-Weiss SSH 8-5. Third: Rauchholz-Elliott SV def. Nichola-Bhargava WC 8-2. Fifth: Hammeke-Metro CP def. Oeser-Jeffrey CP 8-2. Seventh: Albin-Carlson Hes. def. Strecker-Lair WC-x 8-3. Ninth: Ahlstedt-Gaskill SV def. Plenert-Barnhardy Hil. 8-4. 11th: Easter-Banda SSH def. Funk-Maxfield Hil. 8-3. 13th: E.Friesen-Bontrager Hes. def. Yoder-K.Friesen Hes. 8-3.