Sports briefs

The Kansan


Wedgewood Senior Men

1. Dane Lawrence, Sam Griffen, Jim Mendenhall, Jose Ramos -5.

2. Wes Brooks, Ed Hodge, Carvin Theissen, Al Gann -4.    

3. John Wilson, Phil Considine, Jerry Schmidt, Dennis London -4.

CLOSET TO PIN — Paul Considine. LONGEST PUTT — Dane Lawrence.

Next play — 1 p.m. Tuesday


Bowling reports are due at the Kansan office by 11 p.m. Thursday. We reserve the right to abbreviate team names due to space limitations. We regret we can't take bowling reports by telephone.


Mixed Up;29;15

Split Happens;27.5;16.5

Eastgate Lanes;27;17

Eastgate Chicks;27;17

Rock Stars;22;22

Some Beaches;21.5;22.5

Who Cares;21.5;22.5

Marty and the Jets;20;24

5 Pin;18.5;25.5

Spare Me;17;27


Ball Hugger;16;28

High Single Game — Pam Berg, 217; High Single Series — Judy Brenzikofer, 601; High Team Game — Eastgate Chicks, 638; High Team Series — Eastgate Chicks, 1,833.


Newton Now;31;13

X Force;30.5;13.5

Eastgate Lanes;26;18

Hillsboro Ford;25;19

Prestige Worldwide;25;19

Dark Sky;23;21

Team Retired;21;23

Roger Mower-CJ;21;23

Ten Pins Short;19.5;24.5

One Left;19;25

Gary’s Angels;16:28

High Single Game — Men: Tim Young, 255; Women: Melissa Barton, 235; High Series — Men: Kevin Barton, 720; Women: Melissa Barton, 601; High Team Game — Prestige Worldwide, 992; High Team Series — Eastgate Lanes, 2,904.


It Doesn’t Matter;28;20


Team Retired;26;22

Platinum PDR;25;23

Ball Busters;24.5;23.5

Give ‘Em 3;24;24

We Need Some;22.5;25.5

High Single Game — Men: Richard Johnson, 288; Women: Jessica Williams, 212; High Series — Men: Richard Johnson, 781; Women: Jessica Williams, 588. High Team Game — It Doesn’t Matter, 1,053; High Team Series — It Doesn’t Matter, 2,943.


3 G’s;29;15

Curtis C’s;25;19

Sassy 4;25;19


Die Hards;22;22

Teddy Bears;22;22

Fearsome Foursome;18;26

Just Luck;11;33

High Single Game — Men: Mando Serrano, 234; Women: Patty Serrano, 201; High Single Series — Men: Mando Serrano, 660; Women: Vickie Cook, 539; High Team Game — Winssome, 731; High Team Series — Winssome, 2,093.




Gutter Gunners;18;14

The Nines;17;15

Rat Pack;16;16

Gutterball Shooters;16;16

Who Knows;14;18

La Familia;11;21

The Serranos;11;21

I Don’t Care;9;3

High Single Game — Men: Eric Thomas, 234; Women: Paula Schrag, 246; High Series — Men: Eric Thomas, 644; Women: Paula Schrag, 521; High Team Game — Pauls, 567; High Team Series — The Nines, 1,546.

Thunder sweeps Tulsa

WICHITA — The Wichita Thunder swept a pair of weekend games against the Tulsa Oilers in ECHL play.

Friday in Tulsa, the Thunder won 4-3 in a shootout. Saturday at INTRUST Bank Arena, Wichita won 5-1.

In Friday’s game, Wichita’s Nick Minerva scored two goals, including the game-tying goal with 3:58 remaining in regulation. Carter Johnson scored a goal with an assist. Evan Buitenhuis had 44 saves in goal for Wichita.

Eddie Matsushima scored a goal with two assists for Tulsa. Jake Pappalardo scored a goal with an assist. Carson Denomie also scored a goal. Daniel Mannella had 26 saves in goal.

The initial shootout was tied 2-2. After two rounds of the sudden-death shootout went scoreless, Tulsa missed a shot in the third round and Jay Dickman scored for Wichita.

In Saturday’s game, Matteo Gennaro scored two goals for Wichita. Tim Söderlund added a goal with two assists. Peter Crinella and Christian Hausinger each added a goal. had 27 saves in goal.

Jimmy Soper scored for Tulsa, 6-3-0-1. Matsushima and Jarod Hilderman each assisted. Mason McDonald had 20 saves for the Oilers.

Wichita is 6-5 and hosts the Rapid City Rush at 7:05 p.m. Wednesday and the Tulsa Oilers at 7:05 p.m. Friday, followed by two more home games with Rapid City at 7:05 p.m. Saturday and 4:05 p.m. Sunday.