Area football roundup

Mark Schnabel
The Kansan

Central Kansas League

Hillsboro 25, Hesston 14

The highlights — Hillsboro: Matthew Potucek 131 yards passing with a TD, 90 yards rushing with a TD. Hesston: Hudson Ferralez 349 yards passing with a TD, Brayden Schilling 127 yards receiving with a touchdown.

The play — Frank Wichert returned interception late in game to put Swathers out of reach.

The takeaway — Hillsboro is 2-0, Hesston is 1-1.

Up next — Hesston hosts Pratt.




1q. Hes. Gonzalez recovers fumble in endzone (Magill kick) 8:08

1q. Hil. Harris 3-yd. run (run failed) 3:29

2q. Hil. Potucek 11-yd. run (run failed) 8:50

3q. Hil. Wichert 7-yd. pass from Potucek (Wichert kick) 10:14

4q. Hes. Schilling 7-yd. pass from Ferralez (Magill kick)

4q. Hil. Wichert 95-yd. interception return (kick failed) 1:33

Team stats


First downs;17;20


Passing yards;131;349





Individual stats

RUSHING — Hesston: Eilert 8-35, Corta 2-5, Cox 3-(-1), Ferralez 6-(-28). Hillsboro: Potucek 15-90, Harris 21-74.

PASSING — Hesston: Ferralez 33-51-2, 349 yards. Hillsboro: Potucek 15-25-0, 131 yards.

RECEIVING — Hesston: Schilling 13-127, Proctor 5-87, Werner 9-62, Arnold 2-35, Cox 1-14, Diller 1-13, Eilert 1-8, Sanchez 1-3. Hillsboro: Wichert 3-36, Duell 2-32, Smith 4-25, harris 2-17, Plenert 2-13, Hanschu 2-8.

Missed field goals — Hil.: Wichert.

Class 1A, District 4

Conway Springs 40, Remington 28

The highlights — Conway Springs: Izic Billups 166 yards rushing with two TDs and 66 yards passing with TD. Remington: Braden Scribner 137 yards passing with two TDs and 69 yards rushing with two TDs.

The play — Missed PAT attempts late in the game for Remington that would have put Broncos within a touchdown.

The takeaway — Remington is 1-1, Conway Springs is 1-1.

Up next — Remington hosts Wichita Independent. Independent, 0-2, forfeited against Sedgwick in district play.


Conway Spr.;6;14;20;0;—;40


1q. CS Smith 20-yd. run (kick failed) 7:42

2q. CS Smith 47-yd. pass from Billups (Pauly pass from Billups) 11:46

2q. R Scribner 6-yd. run (Kinley pass from Scribner) 7:15

2q. CS Billups 50-yd. run (kick failed) 4:55

3q. CS Kunz 50-yd. run (pass failed) 11:41

3q. R Kinley 21-yd. pass from Scribner (Lies pass from Scribner) 8:44

3q. CS Kunz 33-yd. run (Billups run) 6:31

3q. CS Billups 10-yd. run (kick failed) 2:16

4q. R Entz 23-yd. pass from Scribner (run  failed) 9:21

4q. R Scribner 1-yd. run (run failed) 4:35

Team stats


First downs;16;14


Passing yards;137;66





Time of poss.;33:50;13:51

Individual stats

RUSHING — Remington: Scribner 12-69, Fasnacht 17-69, Lies 5-16, Klaassen 9-9, Jarvis 1-2. Conway Springs: Billups 15-166, Kunz 6-96, Smith 5-49, Berntsen 1-3, Kelly 1-(-3).

PASSING — Remington: Scribner 13-21-0, 137 yards. Conway Springs: Billups 3-6-0, 66 yards.

RECEIVING — Remington: Klaassen 4-40, Entz 2-38, Kinley 2-37, Lies 5-22. Conway Springs: Smith 2-61, Friess 1-5.

Missed field goals — none.

Missed field goals — none. Wheat State League

Goessel 46, Herington 0

The highlights — Goessel: Defense held Herington to 43 yards total offense. Grant Bryant 110 yards passing with three TDs. Kacen Smith 73 yards rushing with two TDs. Goessel scored 34 points in second quarter.

The play — Jake Wiens interception return with 33 seconds left in the first half for TD put game away.

The takeaway — Goessel is 1-1. Herington is 1-1.

Up next — hosting defending Eight-Man I state champs Little River, 2-0.




1q. G Flaming 7-yd. run (run failed) 7:53

2q. G Wuest 41-yd. pass from Bryant (run failed) 10:06

2q. G Wuest 30-yd. pass from Bryant (run failed) 6:52

2q. G Smith 17-yd. run (Smith run) 4:30

2q. G Smith 17-yd. run (Flaming run) 2:00

2q. G Wiens interception return (pass failed) :33

3q. G Duerksen 35-yd. pass from Bryant (game ended) 5:52

Team stats


First downs;5;12


Passing yards;34;110





Time of poss.;12:39;23:21

Individual stats

RUSHING — Herington: Idleman 9-18, Swadler 4-3, Bachicha 1-2, Becker 6-(-14). Goessel: Smith 11-73, Bryant 12-46, Flaming 5-17, team 2-(-3).

PASSING — Herington: Becker 7-22-4, 34 yards. Goessel: Bryant 4-6-1, 110 yards.

RECEIVING — Herington: Bachicha 6-44, Idleman 1-(-10). Goessel: Wuest 2-71, Duerksen 2-39.

Missed field goals — none.

Non League

Moundridge 54, Macksville 36

The highlights — Moundridge: Henry Hecox passed for 192 yards and three touchdowns, Kase Ptacek rushed for 209 yards and three touchdowns.

The play — Down 36-32, Moundridge scored three touchdowns in the final 8:16 to take the lead.

The takeaway — Moundridge is 1-1.

Up next — Moundridge hosts Bennington in the meeting between the sole HOAL eight-man squads.




1q. Mo. Schrag 36-yd. pass from Hecox (run failed) 10:25

1q. Mo. Churchill 32-yd. pass from Hecox (run failed) 2:21

2q. Ma. Gomez 3-yd. run (Gomez run) 10:10

2q. Mo. Huff 5-yd. run (pass failed) 7:12

2q. Ma. Gomez 30-yd. pass from Kuckelman (run failed) 3:46

3q. Ma. Kuckelman 16-yd. run (Kuckelman run) 10:57

3q. Mo. Ptacek 65-yd. pass from Hecox (run failed) 10:36

3q. Mo. Ptacek 20-yd. run (Conquest run) 6:00

3q. Ma. A.Ibarra 4-yd. pass from Kuckelman (Kuckelman run) 4:11

4q. Ma. R.Ibarra 23-yd. pass from Kuckelman (pass failed) 11:09

4q. Mo. Conquest 5-yd. run (Conquest run) 8:16

4q. Mo. Ptacek 2-yd. run (Hayes pass from Hecox) 4:40

4q. Mo. Ptacek 3-yd. run (run failed) 3:10

Team stats


First downs;23;12


Passing yards;192;61





Time of poss.;24:06;23:54

Individual stats

RUSHING — Moundridge: Ptacek 35-209, Conquest 4-16, Huff 4-14, Hecox 1-2, team 2-0. Macksville: Gomez 15-61, Kuckelman 20-54, R.Ibarra 2-8, Lickiss 1-7, A.Ibarra 1-(-2).

PASSING — Moundridge: Hecox 8-13-1, 192 yards. Macksville: Kuckelman 4-8-0, 61 yards; Gomez 0-2-0, 0 yards.

RECEIVING — Moundridge: Schrag 2-67, Ptacek 1-65, Churchill 3-37, Doherty 2-23. Macksville: Gomez 1-30, R.Ibarra 1-23, A.Ibarra 2-8.

Missed field — none.

Other area scores

Fowler 92, Burrton 46

Halstead 38, Nickerson 24

Peabody-Burns 52, Hutchinson Central Christian 28

Sedgwick 52, Northern Heights 8