Weather wreaks havoc on The Railer

Mark Schnabel
The Kansan
Tanner Pauls of Newton takes a putt during first-round play at The Railer: The Kansas Stroke Play Championships at Sand Creek Station. Thunder storms Friday prevented the first round from being completed. Course conditions then forced the cancelation of the rest of the tournament.

The storms that wreaked havoc over the area during the weekend forced the cancelation of The Railer: The Kansas Stroke Play Championships, scheduled for Friday through Sunday at Sand Creek Station.

The storms, which started late Friday afternoon, forced a halt to play during the first of three rounds.

There were still 77 out of 158 players still on the course when play halted. The storms left part of the course flooded.

Brad Holomek of Eden Prairie, Minn., tees off the 15th hole of The Railer: the Kansas Stroke Play Championship at Sand Creek Station.
Gill Deitrek of Wellington looks over his shot during play Friday at the Railer at Sand Creek Station.

When play was halted, Bryson Oots of Kansas City, Mo., was leading the Open Division with a four-under par 68.

Oots finished 11th at the recent Missouri Class 5 state tournament. He helped lead Staley High School to a second-place team finish.

Brian Fehr of Manhattan, Saksit Jairak of Americus, Ga., and Sion Audrian of Garden City, were all tied for second at 70. Jacob Lackey of McPherson was fifth at 70.

Only seven golfers in the Senior Division finished play in the first round.

Michael Holloway of Wichita was the leader with a two-under par 70. Tracy Chamberlin was second at 77. Brent Bahner of Wichita and Dale Linville of Mulvane tied for third at 79.

Steve Bernard of McPherson makes a shot during play in the Railer Friday at Sand Creek Station.

The Railer: Kansas Stroke Play Championships


Sand Creek Station

Par 72

Scores when tournament was canceled

Open Division

1. Oots, Bryson City, Mo. 68

T2. Fehr, Brian, Manhattan 70

T2. Jairak, Saksit, Americus, Ga. 70

T2. Audrain, Sion, Garden City 70

5. Lackey, Jacob, McPherson 71

T6. Scheufler, Lucas, Andover 72

T6. Watson, Troy, Coffeyville 72

T6. Strathe, Jared, Owasso, Okla. 72

T9. Holtzman, Noah, Wichita 73

T9. Radley, Stephen, Wichita 73

T9. Dines, Gavin, Olathe 73

T12. Gutgesell, Daniel, Overland Park 74

T12. Kelley, Seth, Topeka 74

T12. Reintjes, Brent, Wichita 74

T12. Howell, Craig, Wichita 74

T16. Whitaker, Asher, Wichita 75

T16. Clark, Zachary, Shawnee 75

T16. Beaubien, Chris City, Mo. 75

T16. Bender, Ryan, Manhattan 75

T16. Krsnich, Pete, Wichita 75

T21. Goodrum, Austin, Andover 76

T21. Alonzo, Addison, Topeka 76

T21. Plank, Samuel, Marion 76

T21. Baker, Jack, Wichita 76

T21. Conder, Rees City, Mo. 76

T26. Frederickson, Giles, Topeka 77

T26. Hill, James, Andover 77

T26. Drake, Jackson, Lubbock, Texas 77

T26. Alonzo, Myles, Topeka 77

T26. Unruh, Colby, Overland Park 77

T26. Bessenbacher, Michael, Overland Park 77

T26. Kimmel, Caleb, Olathe 77

T33. Brenneman, Grant, Hesston 78

T33. Leonetti, Luke, Topeka 78

T33. Huff, Jeff, Wichita 78

T33. Glenn, Jack, Stillwater, Okla. 78

T33. Towey, Carson, Wichita 78

T33. Wilson, Connor, Edmond, Okla. 78

T33. Stucky Halley, Max, Topeka 78

T40. Adkins, Ty, Hutchinson 79

T40. Smith, Davan, Dodge City 79

T40. Brooks, Delbert, Tulsa, Okla. 79

T43. Wallace, Grayson, Guymon, Okla. 80

T43. O'Connor, Tommy, Wichita 80

T43. Uhlenhake, Cade, Lenexa 80

T46. Gartner, Owen, Newton 81

T46. Schrock, Matthew, Wichita 81

T46. Gritton, Cole, Manhattan 81

T49. Oppenheimer, Yannic, McPherson 82

T49. Ward, Cooper, Wichita 82

T49. Schurle, Cody, Manhattan 82

T49. Davis, Luke, Overland Park 82

T49. Katt, Blake, Parker, Colo. 82

T49. Iverson, Andrew, Arkansas City 82

T55. Streck, Cole, Great Bend 83

T55. McCrary, Ian, Overland Park 83

T55. Sawyer, Drake, Wichita 83

T55. Massey, Caden, Emporia 83

T59. Vandervoort, Zachary, Pratt 84

T59. Middleton, Harrison, Cheney 84

T61. Buffolino, Joshua, Wichita 85

T61. Carlson, Clete, Chanute 85

T63. Lewis, Jackson, Scott City 86

T63. McNellis, Luke, Manhattan 86

T65. Piles, Mac, Topeka 87

T65. VanCampen, Parker, McPherson 87

T65. Rickard, Alex, Newton 87

68. Saporito, Nate, Overland Park 88

69. Evans, Justin, Warrensburg, Mo. 89

T70. Stevens, Robert, Derby 90

T70. Pirtle, Noah, Wichita 90

72. Mills, Maddux, Liberal 91

73. Brockman, Thomas, Springfield, Mo. 92

74. Wiske, Logan, Pittsburg 103

Still on course when play was halted:

Oliver, Quaid, Wichita

Randall, Jack, Lawrence

Tyner, Dylan, Wamego

Bobert, Jordan, McPherson

Scheve, Gentry, Emporia

Schultz, Cooper, Wichita

Krosschell, Dylan, Wichita

Allen, Garret, Overland Park

Gantz, William, Perry

Johnsen, Eric, Wichita

Gilliland, Caleb, Salina

Reynolds, Easton, Yates Center

Vanlandingham, Caden, Wichita

King, Andrew, Junction City

Lane, Bradley, Lawrence

Roberts, Conrad, Lawrence

Cooney, JJ, Pickstown, S.D.

Saffell, Blake, Wellington

Schmid, Caleb, Emporia

Beckler, Andrew, Topeka

Owens, Zac, Wichita

Sokolosky, Zach, Wichita

Eickman, Joe, Wichita

Pearson, Ben, Overland Park

Topp, Jeffrey, Edmond, Okla.

Burns, Jared, Topeka

Eickman, David City, Mo. 

Georgiadis, Liam, Brookings, S.D.

Kasitz, Adam, Wichita

Nickloy, Nick, Olathe

Stone, Trey, Pleasant Hill, Mo. 

Evans, Jack, Sioux Falls, S.D.

Herrenbruck, Grant, Salina

Rader, Jackson, Marysville

Kasitz, Kyle, Wichita

Pauls, Lane, North Newton

Stone, Jack, Pleasant Hill, Mo. 

Tarvin, Myles, Olathe

Austin, Peyton, Derby

Pauls, Tanner, Newton

Tanner, Jack, Brookings, S.D.

Berberich, Gavin, Topeka DNF

Gill, Deitrek, Wellington DNF

Senior Division

1. Holloway, Michael, Wichita 70

2. Chamberlin, Tracy, Wichita 77

T3. Bahner, Brent, Wichita 79

T3. Linville, Dale, Mulvane 79

5. Bowden, Gene, Wichita 81

6. Ballard, Charlie, Sedgwick 90

7. O'Connell, TD, Wichita 92

Still on course when play was halted:

Hartmann, Bob, Andover

Newman, Steve, Wichita

Randall, Steve, Lawrence

Bailey, John, Nashville

Casamento, Michael, Andover

Jolliffe, Mark, Wichita

Goode, Greg, Salina

Hermann, Michael, Wichita

Rothwell, Joe, Wichita

Sassman, Steve, Ft Worth

Tyner, Tim, Council Grove

Wells, Blake, Wichita

Audrain, Shawn, Garden City

Nielsen, Tom, Edmond, Okla.

Vautravers, Randy, Andover

Kaup, Doug, Phillipsburg

Reich, Jeff, Manhattan

Sloan, Steve, Pittsburg

Cline, Vern, Olathe

Gibson, Michael, Andover

Magerkurth, Chris, Shawnee

Kuehn, Don, City, Mo. 

Schorgl, Charlie, Leawood

Valuck, Jonathan, Oklahoma City

Bernard, Steve, McPherson

Holomek, Brad, Eden Prairie, Minn.

Jorgensen, Michael, Olathe

Bonewell, Todd, Mulvane

Hedrick, Del, Blue Springs, Mo. 

Bezek, Bob, Ottawa

McKinnis, Tim, Lyons

Quattlebaum, Bill, Wichita

Caudell, Coy, Wichita

Sadd, Larry, Wichita

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