Railer swimmers cut times, gain qualifier

Mark Schnabel
The Kansan
Newton swimmer Madison Horton competes in the 100-yard butterfly during the Newton Invitational II. Horton posted a new state qualifying time in the 100-yard breaststroke. Newton competes next weekend at the AV-CTL I championships in Haysville.
Newton swimmer Lauren Anton starts in the 500-yard freestyle during the Newton Invitational II.
Newton swimmer Kyndal Dorzweiler competes in the 200-yard freestyle during the Newton Invitational II.
Newton swimmer Libby Crawford competes in the breaststroke leg of the 200-yard medley relay in the Newton Invitational II.
Newton swimmer Elena Vanderweg starts the backstroke leg of the 200-yard medley relay Thursday in the Newton Invitational II.

The Newton High School girls’ swimming team managed to get some time cuts and some high finishes, taking sixth at the 11-team Newton Invitational II Thursday at the NHS pool.

Maize topped Winfield 250-220 for the team title. Maize South was third at 156, followed by Great Bend in fourth at 153 and Buhler in fifth at 124. Newton scored 120 points.

“We have a very young team this year,” Newton coach Kim Powell said. “Their times have been dropping. They are finally gaining confidence. They are seeing fast swimmers and they are trying to keep up, which is great. They have put in a lot of hard work the last two weeks.”

Madison Horton placed second in the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:17.04, breaking the state automatic qualifying time of 1:17.90. It also was a season-best time by 1.18 seconds. Horton won in the 100-yard butterfly in 1:04.72.

Violet Bartley placed second in diving with a season-best score of 165.35. 

“Maddie worked really hard to get that breaststroke time,” Powell said. “She tried to get it the other day. She had a bad turn and just missed it. Her goal is to get a state qualifying time in every event. I think that might have been her last one.”

Lauren Anton took third in the 500-yard freestyle in 6:11.37 and fifth in the 200-yard individual medley in 2:37.05.

The team of Anton, Elena Vanderweg, Libby Crawford and Horton placed fourth in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:54.34, a 3.35-second time cut and 1.23 seconds off the automatic state qualifying time.

“They are so close to qualifying,” Powell said. “They have a state consideration time, but they want to be sure. We’re going to be working at it. They are right there.”

The team of Elena Vanderweg, Libby Crawford, Lauren Anton and Madison Horton finished third in the 200-yard medley relay in 2:13.43.

The team of Anna Harder, Kyndal Dorzweiler, Sarah Koehn and Vanderweg finished seventh in the 400-yard freestyle in 4:58.58, a 4.96-second time cut.

Newton competes May 14 and 15 at the Ark Valley-Chisholm Trail League Division I Championships at Campus High School. Diving will be May 14 with swimming May 15. State is the following weekend at the Capital Federal Natatorium in Topeka.

“We’re going to taper off a little next week for the girls not going to state,” Powell said. “We’ll see if we can solidify it. … We need to clean some things up. We need to work on our starts. We need to work on our finishes. We practice a lot on those the last two weeks. The meet we had the other day and the meet we had today, they worked on finishes. They were trying to edge each other out at the finish. We’ve also been working on turns, a lot of turns.”

Newton non scorers


200-yd. medley relay — 16. Newton B (Preslee Ellette, Karlyn Archibald, Ylia Lopez, Kamryn Archibald) 2:51.86-x, 17. Newton C (Rebekah Allen, Evelyn Graetner, Sarah Koehn, Katherine Herbel) 3:09.31-x.

200-yd. freestyle — 18. Kyndal Dorzweiler 2:54.51, 21. Lindsay Warsnak 3:01.24, 22. Addison Penner 3:03.45.

50-yd. freestyle — 15. Elena Vanderweg New, 29.72, 20. Anna Harder 32.03, 22. Ylia Lopez 32.80. Newton exhibitions: Kamryn Archibald 33.99, Rebekah Allen 34.82, Leigh Jones 38.48, Karlyn Archibald 41.06, Katherine Herbel 43.77, Evelyn Gaetner 43.80, Tamika Foster 1:03.22.

100-yd. freestyle — 17. Ylia Lopez 1:13.50, 19. Sarah Koehn 1:15.99, 21. Addison Penner 1:16.88, Preslee Ellette 1:28.14-x.

200-yd. freestyle relay — 13. Newton B (Addison Penner, Ylia Lopez, Anna Harder, Sarah Koehn) 2:12.96-x, Newton C (Lindsey Warsnak, Rebekah Allen, Kamryn Archibald, Kyndal Dorzweiler) 2:22.64-x, Newton D (Katherine Herbel, Leigh Jones, Preslee Ellette, Evelyn Gaetner) 2:44.63-x.

100-yd. backstroke — 16. Kyndal Dorzweiler 1:29.21, 23. Leigh Jones 1:41.52.

100-yd. breaststroke — 13. Lindsey Warsnak 1:36.73, 20. Karlyn Archibald 1:46.86.

400-yd. freestyle relay — 16. Newton B (Preslee Ellette, Lindsey Warsnak, Leigh Jones, Evelyn Gartner) 6:09.53-x.

Derby Inv.

Tuesday at Campus

Newton results

Team scores — Derby 502, Campus 409, Wichita Trinity Academy 302, Buhler 242, Newton 202, Valley Center 177, Wichita Collegiate 141.5, Wichita Independent 107, El Dorado 81.5, Rose Hill 31, Classical School of Wichita 10.

200-yd. medley relay — 15. Newton B (Preslee Ellette, Sarah Koehn, Ylia Lopez, Kamryn Archibald) 2:54.93.

200-yd. freestyle — 1. Madison Horton 2:06.34, 11. Anna Harder 2:48.27, 12. Kyndal Dorzweiler 2:50.85.

200-yd. individual medley — 3. Lauren Anton 2:37.15, 7. Libby Crawford 2:49.88.

50-yd. freestyle — 14. Elena Vanderweg 30.26, 23. Ylia Lopez 32.30, 26. Kamryn Archibald 34.95. Newton exhibitions: Rebekah Allen 36.28, Lindsey Warsnak 37.90, Leigh Jones 40.52, Karlyn Archibald 40.89, Katherine Herbel 45.39.

100-yd. freestyle — 1. Madison Horton 57.06, 18. Ylia Lopez 1:15.72, 22. Sarah Koehn 1:19.02. Addison Penner 1:23.08-x, Prelsee Ellette 1:30.90-x.

500-yd. freestyle — 3. Lauren Anton 6:07.67.

200-yd. freestyle relay — 4. Newton A (Lauren Anton, Elena Vanderweg, Libby Crawford, Madison Horton) 1:54.93, 10. Newton B (Addison Penner, Ylia Lopez, Anna Harder, Sarah Koehn) 2:15.04, Newton C (Lindsey Warsnak, Kyndal Dorzweiler, Kamryn Archibald, Rebekah Allen) 2:20.47-x, Newton D (Katherine Herbel, Leigh Jones, Preslee Ellette, Evelyn Gaetner) 2:48.13-x.

100-yd. backstroke — 6. Libby Crawford 1:14.98, 13. Kyndal Dorzweiler 1:27.45, 19. Leigh Jones 1:42.47.

100-yd. breaststroke — 16. Lindsey Warsnak 1:39.35, 24. Karlyn Archibald 1:46.04, 26. Evelyn Gaetner 1:51.11.

400-yd. freestyle relay — 8. Newton A (Anna Harder, Elena Vanderweg, Sarah Koehn, Kyndal Dorzweiler) 4:57.59, 12. Newton B (Karlyn Archibald, Addison Penner, Lindsey Warsnak, Leigh Jones) 5:56.15.

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