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Bethel netters split

The Bethel College men’s tennis team edged NCAA Division II Emporia State 4-3, while the BC women fell to the Hornets 7-0 Wednesday at the Ward Tennis Center on the Bethel campus.

In the men’s meet, Emporia State won two of the three doubles matches to earn a point. The sole win for Bethel came from Milan Bucek and Jordan Singh at second doubles.

Bethel won four of the six singles matches to clinch the meet. Bucek, Michael Cech, Tomas Quercia and Zachary Shima each claimed a singles win. Quercia won 6-4, 6-7 (7-5), 11-9 (third-set tie-breaker).

In the women’s match, Bethel was open at third doubles and sixth singles. The only player to win a set was Keity Shima at fifth singles, falling 6-1, 1-6, 10-1 (third-set tie-breaker).

The meet ends the season for the Bethel women.

The Bethel men compete in the KCAC post-season tournament beginning April 29 at the Kossover Tennis Center in Topeka. 


Emporia St. 7, Bethel 0

SINGLES — Peyroche, Cyrielle E def. Krehbiel, Halle B 6-4, 6-1; Santiago Sanchez, K. E def. Domingo, Aurora B 6-0, 6-0; Mackova, Viktoria E def. Payton, Nalea B 6-2, 6-2; Caceras, Silvana E def. Loganbill, Mia B 6-0, 6-0; Biggs, Emma E def. Shima, Keity B 6-1, 1-6, 10-1 TB; Burr, Kelsie E won by default.

DOUBLES — Burr, Kelsie-Caceras, Silvana E def. Krehbiel, Halle-Domingo, Aurora B 6-0; Peyroche, Cyrielle-Santiago Sanchez, K. E def. Payton, Nalea-Shima, Keity B 6-0; Mackova, Viktoria-Fugit, Colby E won by default.


Bethel 5, Emporia St. 4

SINGLES — Bucek, Milan B def. Maia, Luiz E 6-3, 6-2; Cech, Michael B def. Nelson, Taylor E 7-6 (7-4), 6-1; Quercia, Tomas B def. Brown, Harrison E 6-4, 6-7 (7-5), 11-9 TB; Shima, Zachary B def. Correnza, Pablo E 6-2, 6-2; Belmonte, Theo E def. Pluis, Joaquin B 6-3, 6-3.

DOUBLES —  Nelson, Taylor-Graf, Andy E def. Schrader, Nolan-Cech,Michael B 6-3; Bucek,Milan-Singh, Jordan B def. Maia, Luiz-Correnza, Pablo E 7-6; Brown, Harrison-Belmonte, Theo E def. Quercia, Tomas-Shima, Zachary B 6-3.

Lark softball splits

CHANUTE — The Hesston College softball team split a Jayhawk Conference Division II doubleheader Monday at Neosho County Community College.

Hesston lost the first game 5-4 and won the second game 7-6 in nine innings.

Game stats were not reported.

Hesston is 17-11, 9-7 in conference play, and plays Sunday at Fort Scott Community College.

HC women’s soccer falls

PRATT — The Hesston College women’s soccer team fell to Pratt Community College 4-0 Wednesday in Jayhawk Conference Division II play in Pratt.

Scoring was not reported.

Pratt is 4-1 overall and in conference play. Hesston is 1-3 overall and in conference play.

Hesston hosts Central (Neb.) Community College-Columbus at 5 p.m. Saturday.

Hesston men fall to Pratt

PRATT — The Hesston College men’s soccer team fell to Pratt Community College Wednesday in Jayhawk Conference Division II play.

Scoring was not reported.

Pratt is 3-3, 3-1 in Jayhawk Division II play. Hesston is 4-3, 2-2 in conference play. Hesston hosts Central (Neb.) Community College-Columbus at 7:30 p.m. Saturday.


Jayhawk Conference Championships

Sand Creek Station

Par 72, 6,836 yards

Team scores

Hutchinson CC;286;286;296;—868

Garden City CC;293;299;304;—896

Dodge City CC;299;307;309;—915

Barton County CC;297;303;320;—920

Kansas City (Kan.) CC;296;314;320;—930

Fort Scott CC;323;328;343;—994

Hesston College;340;347;345;—1,032

Coffeyville CC no team score


*-non team scoring entry

1. Charlie Crockett Hut.;70;70;71;—211

2. Harry Crockett Hut.;69;71;74;—214

3. Ben Partridge Hut.;72;72;71;—215

4. Tradgon McCrae-* Hut.;71;79;70;—220

5. Isaac MacNaughton GC;69;76;77;—222

6. Carlos Conceicao BC;69;75;79;—223

7. Jake Stoneham DC;75;74;75;—224

T8. Cameron Rios-Ceballos-*;73;71;81;—225

T8. Philip Stjernlof GC;75;75;75;—225

T8. Oliwer Toiminen GC;74;74;77;—225

T11. Pontus Nordstrom BC;75;75;76;—226

T11. Adam Samnegard GC;77;74;75;—226

13. Cholnan Nunya DC;74;76;77;—227

14. Addison Alonzo Hut.;75;73;80;—228

15. Tommy O'Connor FS;75;75;79;—229

T16. Kitsakon Jairak-* DC;79;73;78;—230

T16. Colby Unruh KCK;72;79;79;—230

18. Carson Towey KCK;71;82;78;—231

T19. Woramett Bodhidatta;76;81;75;—232

T19. Carson Briggs DC;74;76;82;—232

21. Tom Gehring BC;77;74;82;—233

22. Blake Mullen KCK;74;75;85;—234

23. Guilherme Oliva GC;75;76;85;—236

24. Alexander Silfwergard-*;78;77;82;—237

25. Colby Campbell FS ;78;78;82;—238

26. Peeranat Suporn BC;78;79;83;—240

T27. Dylan Freund KCK;79;83;79;—241

T27. Jackson Lewis Hes.;76;82;83;—241

29. Charlie Hilton Hut.;82;81;81;—244

30. Antoine Martinot BC;76;79;91;—246

31. Tyler Horn DC;81;81;86;—248

32. Mark Towey KCK;88;78;84;—250

33. Noah Ortiz-* GC;89;79;87;—255

34. Will Kirk Hes.;90;82;86;—258

35. Trace Nieman-*;92;80;87;—259

36. Jacob Hall-* KCK;84;88;88;—260

37. John Simpson-* FS;83;85;94;—262

T38. Camden Knight Hes.;82;94;87;—263

T38. Garrett Sanchez-* GC;85;91;87;—263

40. Caleb Garcia FS;85;91;88;—264

T41. Keegan Ellington-* KCK;89;90;87;—266

T41. Brock Heide FS ;86;86;94;—266

43. Jarrett Fields FS;85;89;95;—269

44. Marshall Woolf Hes.;92;89;89;—270

45. Logan May-* Cof.;105;96;102;—303

46. John Tallawan-* Cof.;104;103;110;—317