Railers 2nd, Swathers 4th at Mustang Classic

Mark Schnabel
The Kansan

SALINA  — The Newton Railer boys’ tennis team took second, while the Hesston Swathers took fourth Tuesday at the Salina Central Mustang Classic. 

Salina Central topped Newton 76-46 for the team title. Andover was third at 37 and Hesston was fourth at 31. There were eight teams in competition.

For the Railers in singles play, Otis Musser finished fourth at 2-2. Sam Claassen finished eighth at 1-3.

In doubles play, Jonah Schloneger and Justin Franz finished fofth at 3-1. Zeke Thompson and Max Musser finished seventh at 2-2.

In doubles play, Cole Deutschendorf and Micah Dahlsten finished third at 3-1. Ben Bollinger and Andrew Schmidt finished 10th at 2-2. In singles play, Trevor Gamble was 10th at 2-2. Josh Leinbach finished 13th at 2-2.

Newton is scheduled to compete Thursday at both the Winfield Invitational and Hutchinson Invitational.

Hesston competes in a dual-meet round robin Friday at Lyons with Conway Springs and Central Plains.

Team scores — Salina Central 76, Newton 46, Andover 37, Hesston 31, Smoky Valley 30, Emporia 22, Garden City 22, Salina South 13.

Championship — Connor Phelps, SC, def. Collin Phelps, SC, 8-4. Third place — Musser, N, def. Lucas, SV, 8-4. Fifth place — Jittawait, A, def. Morren, GC, 8-4. Seventh place — Bieker, SV, def. Claassen, N, 8-3. Ninth place — Hammond, SS, def. Gamble, H, 8-3. 11th place — Kleystueber, GC, def. Schulte, A, 8-1. 13th place — Leinbach, H, def. Slothower, SC, 8-5. 15th place — Corl, SC, def. Harper, SS, 8-3. 


Championship — McHenry-Shaffer, SC, def. Stack-Green, SC, 8-7 (7-2). Third place —  Deutschendorf-Dahlsten, H, def. Moorman-Kienholz, E, 8-3. Fifth place —  Schloneger-Franz, N, def. J. Vinson-Benjamin, A, 8-3. Seventh place —  Thompson-Musser, N, def. Harris-C. Vinson, A, 8-0. Ninth place —  Davis-Guion, E, def. Bollinger-Schmidt, H, 8-6. 11th place — Stillian-Hernandez, GC, def. Nelson-Leiker, SV, 8-5. 13th place —  McConnel-Streeter, SS, def. Morrical-Sprecker, SS, 8-0. 15th place — Tran-Negron, GC, GC, def. Bean Johnsen, SV, 8-2. 

4. Otis Muller (2-2): 1. W Miles Hammond SS 8-3, QF. W Paul Jittawait And. 8-4, SF. L Connor Phelps SC 8-0, 3rd. L Jake Lucas SV 8-4.

8. Sam Claassen (1-3): 1. W George Schulte And. 8-5, QF. L Collin Phelps SC 8-0, CSF. L Logan Morren GC 8-2, 7th. L Max Bieker SV 8-3.


5. Jonah Schloneger-Justin Franz (3-1): 1. W Bollinger-Schmidt Hes. 8-2, QF. L Moorman-Keinholz Emp. 8-4, CSF. W Harris-C.Vinson And. 8-2, 5th. W J.Vinson-Benjamin And. 8-3.

7. Zeke Thompson-Max Musser (2-2): 1. W Nelson-Leiker SV 8-2, QF. L Deutschendorf-Dahlsten Hes. 8-4, CSF. L J.Vinson-Benjamin And. 8-7 (7-3), 7th. W Harris-C.Vinson And. 8-0.

10. Trevor Gamble (2-2): 1. L Logan Morren GC 8-2, CQF. W Charlie Slothower SC 8-4, CSF. W George Schulte And. 8-3, 9th. L Miles Hammond SS 8-3.

13. Josh Leinbach (2-2): 1. L Max Bieker SV 8-0, CQF. L Colin Kleystueber GC 8-3, CSF. W Liam Corl SC 8-4, 13th. W Charlie Slothower SC 8-5.


3. Cole Deutschendorf-Micah Dahlsten (3-1): 1. W Tran-Negron GC 8-0, QF. W Thompson-Musser New. 8-4, SF. L McHenry-Shaffer SC 8-4, 3rd. W Moorman-Keinholz Emp. 8-3.

10. Ben Bollinger-Andrew Schmidt (2-2): 1. L Schloneger-Franz New. 8-2, CQF. W Morrical-Sprecker SS 8-1, CSF. W Stillian-Hernandez GC 8-0, 9th. L Davis-Guion Emp. 8-6.

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