The Kansan

Bowling reports are due at the Kansan office by 11 p.m. Thursday. We reserve the right to abbreviate team names due to space limitations. We regret we can't take bowling reports by telephone.

Hillsboro Ford;15;5

WSU Shockers;14;6

Eastgate Lanes;13;7

Gary’s Angels;13;7

Looney Tunes;11;9

Team America;11;9

Todd’s Pro Shop;8;12

Team Retired;7;13

One Left;5;15

Prestige Worldwide;3;17

High Single Game — Men: Austin Wedgewood, 279; Women: Barb Zenner, 192; High Series — Men: Dennis Hildebrand, 742; Women: Barb Zenner, 553; High Team Game — Team Retired, 1,111; High Team Series — Team Retired, 3,220.


Team Retired;49;19

Give ‘Em 3;46;22

Platinum PDR;40.5;27.5

It Doesn’t Matter;39;29

Ball Busters;29;29

We Need Some;27;41


High Single Game — Men: Joe Thomas, 288; Women: Jessica Williams, 268; High Series — Men: Joe Thomas, 734; Women: Jessica Williams, 626. High Team Game — Team Retired, 1,069; High Team Series — Team Retired, 3,102.


Buggsy’s Raiders;6,472

Bartel’s Cabinets;6,378

All 3 Holes;6,285

Roofing Services;6,283


We B Gone;6,234

Tee Pees;6,188


High Single Game — Kevin Stuchlik, All 3 Holes, 269; High Single Series — Kevin Stuchlik, All 3 Holes, 655; High Team Game — All 3 Holes, 1,047; High Team Series — All 3 Holes, 2,953.


The Nines;41;19

Gutter Gunners;38.5;21.5

La Familia;35;25

The Serranos;32;28


The Ballers;26.5;33.5

Who Knows;23.5;36.5

Gutterball Shooters;23.5;36.5

Rat Pack;19.5;40.5

I Don’t Care;19.5;40.5

High Single Game — Men: Manuel Jaso, 255; Women: Pam Thomas, 202; High Series — Men: Eric Thomas, 697; Women: Pam Thomas, 565; High Team Game — The Nines, 582; High Team Series — The Nines, 1,712.