Flip-Flop Shop begins competition

Mark Schnabel
The Kansan

The Flip-Flop Shop gymnastics team of Newton opened the season with the New Year Invitational at the Heskett Center in Wichita and the Winter Wonderland meet in Salina.

“This was the first meet for level 2’s,” Flip-Flop Shop coach and owner JoAnne Thaw said. “Their next meet will be in Great Bend February 12 and 13. The gymnasts compete with other gymnasts in their level and age group. It’s a little different this year with Covid-19, but teams, especially host teams are making a great effort to clean and sanitize throughout the meet. The meets are having less girls in each session and there are a limited number of spectators. We are just excited to be able to compete this year and hope to finish the 2021 season.”

Results of the meet are listed below: (score-place)

Level 2’s (Winter Wonderland only)

;Vault;Bars;Beam;Floor;All Around

Maddie Crawford (WW);9.25;7.85;9.45-3;9.4-2;35.95-5

Avery Entz;8.0;6.8;9.0-4;8.7;32.9-10

Raegan Boaldin;8.9-5;7.2-5;9.0-3;9.2-3;34.3-5

Gold Level

;Vault;Bars;Beam;Floor;All around

Brookelyn Treaster (NYI);8.55;8.1;8.3;8.55;33.58th


Ellie Wisdom (NYI);8.5;8.3;8.05;8.45;33.3-9

(WW);8.3;8.7-4; 8.85-2;9.0-4;34.85-4


Abby Steinert (NYI);8.7;8.2;8.55;8.95;34.4-7


Platinum Level

;Vault;Bars;Beam;Floor;All around

Coelina Mosqueda (NYI);8.6;7.4;8.25;9.0;33.25-3


Level 4

;Vault;Bars;Beam;Floor;All around

Brooklyn Fast (NYI);7.9;8.2;8.4;9.25;33.75-5


Bella Rivera (NYI);7.8;7.75;7.7;8.55;31.8-7


Level 7

;Vault;Bars;Beam;Floor;All Around

Ashley Lehman (NYI);8.8;7.0;7.6;9.6;33.00-1


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