Railer bowlers fall to South in home opener

Mark Schnabel
The Kansan
Members of the Newton High School bowling team prepare for the home opener against Salina South at Play-Mor Lanes.

The Newton High School bowling teams made their home opener Friday at Play-Mor Lanes with a pair of losses to Salina South.

The Railer girls fell 1,512-1,325, while the Railer boys fell 2,177-1,937.

“They did pretty good,” Newton coach Joanie Pauls said. “It’s just one of those years, we’ve had personnel in and out. We started out pretty strong with the varsity boys, but they kind of fell off in their third game. We just need to stay consistent in all three games. Our scores have been going up. We haven’t had the same six bowlers for the boys yet.”

“We could have bowled a whole lot better, but wooden lanes are a whole lot different than what we are used to,” South coach Seth White said. “I was happy with how the kids went out there and worked it out. The girls in their first meet last week bowled a 2,300, so they were about 300 pins lower. The guys bowled a 2,400, so they were about 300 lower. This was just their second meet. We all got quarantined for a week.” 

The high series for the girls went to Nina Frees of South at 562. Yessica Salinas rolled a 508 and Aviana Ordonez was third at 499. Ordonez had the high game of 212.

Newton was led by Emma Brockman at 446.

Andrew Froetschner had the top boys’ series of 551. Griffin Peterson was second at 531 and Carter Lambeth was third at 518.

Campbell Peterson had the high game of 218

Jett Brackeen led Newton at 510. Cooper Burns rolled a 509.

Newton competes at 3 p.m. Tuesday at the Alley in Salina against Salina Central and Goddard Eisenhower.

South competes Thursday at the Alley in Salina in a meet hosted by Salina Central with Andover.

Frees, Nina;196;157;209;—562

Gestl, Stella;147;155;190;—492

Ordonez, Ayella;119;143;110;—372

Ordonez, Aviana;134;153;212;—499

Salinas, Yessica;166;187;155;—508

Guerra, Reba;140;124;127;—391



Brockman, Emma;149;165;132;—446

St. Peter, Anna;138;118;123;—379

Altum, Cadence;91;115;145;—351

Grattan, Hailey;82;112;112;—306

Nicholson, Mariah;118;128;153;—399

Shepherd, Abigail;74;62;87;—223


Anderson, Jordan;178;169;167;—514

Froetschner, Andrew;145;202;204;—551

Lambeth, Carter;187;162;169;—518

Peterson, Griffin;184;160;187;—531

Peterson, Campbell;145;144;218;—507

Stelter, Jesse;157;123;136;—416



Burns, Cooper;170;172;167;—509

Nelson, Dehann;125;189;165;—479

Brackeen, Jett;209;153;148;—510

Ebert, Carsen;142;142;130;—414

Baldwin, Callan;144;124;136;—404

Montano, Alfred;90;109;131;—330




Mick, Christopher;115;128;99;—342

Downey, Aaron;122;130;114;—366

Bailey, Aydan;140;104;100;—344

Bailey, Cameron;96;106;68;—270

Belgard, Dylan;28;37;71;—136


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