Swathers second, Dragons fifth at Hesston Invitational

Newton Kansan

HESSTON — The Hesston High School wrestling team finished second, while the Halstead Dragons were fifth Saturday at the 13-team Hesston Invitational.

Chaparral won the team title at 122 points. Hesston was second at 109, followed by Lyons at 88, Garden Plain at 76 and Halstead at 49.5.

Winning titles for Hesston were Jaden Wald at 106 pounds and Owen O’Halloran a 195 pounds. Taking second was Logan Elliott at 152 pounds.

Third-place finishes went to Juliene Wald at 113 pounds, Tyrone Taylor at 160 pounds and Dalton Carey at 220 pounds.

Taking fourth was Bailey Reed at 138 pounds, Eli Miller at 145 pounds, Cody Wohlgemuth at 170 pounds, Hayden Hartung-Williams at 182 pounds and Cooper McCormack at heavyweight.

Halstead was led by Carter Hiebert, who placed first at 160 pounds. Taking third were Tucker Divine at 126 pounds and Skyler Geer at 138 pounds. Jaden Wilson took fifth at 120 pounds.

Hesston competes 5:30 p.m. Thursday at Nickerson with Lyons. Halstead is off until Jan. 9, when the Dragons compete at the Herington Invitational.   

Team scores — Chaparral 122, Hesston 109, Lyons 88, Garden Plain 76, Halstead 49.5, Cheney 47.5, Flinthills 43.5, Kingman 42, Wichita Trinity Academy 40, Stafford 37.5, Central of Burden 33, Smoky Valley 0, Team X 0, West Elk 0.


106 — 1. Jaden Wald, Hesston, 2. Adam Vincent, Lyons, 3. Noah McClung, Burden-Central, 4. Layne Clark, Team X).

Round 1 — Jaden Wald (Hesston) pinned Layne Clark (Team X) 4:36, Adam Vincent (Lyons) pinne Noah McClung (Burden-Central) 0:57.

Round 2 — Jaden Wald (Hesston) pinned Noah McClung (Burden-Central) 1:40, Adam Vincent (Lyons) def. Layne Clark (Team X) forfeit.

Round 3 — Jaden Wald (Hesston) dec. Adam Vincent (Lyons) 15-12, Noah McClung (Burden-Central) def. Layne Clark (Team X) forfeit.

113 — 1. Carson Bandy, Chaparral, 2. Wyatt Hook, Lyons, 3. Juliene Wald, Hesston.

Round 1 — Carson Bandy (Chaparral) bye, Wyatt Hook (Lyons) pinned Juliene Wald (Hesston) 2:32.

Round 2 — Carson Bandy (Chaparral) tech.fall Juliene Wald (Hesston) 15-0 (4:51), Wyatt Hook (Lyons) bye.

Round 3 — Carson Bandy (Chaparral) tech.fall Wyatt Hook (Lyons) 29-6 (6:00), Juliene Wald (Hesston) bye.

120 — 1. Jensen Hoeme, Cheney, 2. Pake Green, Chaparral, 3. Anakin Brown, Burden-Central, 4. Josiah Nowak, Garden Plain, 5. Jaden Wilson, Halstead.

Round 1 — Pake Green (Chaparral) pinned Josiah Nowak (Garden Plain) :32, Jensen Hoeme (Cheney) tech.fall Anakin Brown (Burden-Central) 15-0 (4:36), Jaden Wilson (Halstead) bye.

Round 2 — Pake Green (Chaparral) pinned Jaden Wilson (Halstead) :13, Jensen Hoeme (Cheney) bye, Anakin Brown (Burden-Central) pinned Josiah Nowak (Garden Plain) 2:53)

Round 3 — Pake Green (Chaparral) bye, Jensen Hoeme (Cheney) pinned Josiah Nowak (Garden Plain) :26, Anakin Brown (Burden-Central) pinned Jaden Wilson (Halstead) :10.

Round 4 — Pake Green (Chaparral) pinned Anakin Brown (Burden-Central) 3:55, Jensen Hoeme (Cheney) pinned Jaden Wilson (Halstead) :40, Josiah Nowak (Garden Plain) bye.

Round 5 — Jensen Hoeme (Cheney) pinned Pake Green (Chaparral) 1:21, Anakin Brown (Burden-Central) bye, Josiah Nowak (Garden Plain) pinned Jaden Wilson (Halstead) :15.

126 — 1. Austin Danner, Lyons, 2. Josef Planansky, Chaparral, 3. Tucker Divine, Halstead, 4. Chris Towne, Kingman, 5. Louden James, Flinthills, 6. Spencer Kelley, Garden Plain.

Round 1 — Josef Planansky (Chaparral) pinned Chris Towne (Kingman) 1:55, Austin Danner (Lyons) pinned Tucker Divine (Halstead) 2:58, Louden James (Flinthills) dec. Spencer Kelley (Garden Plain) 8-1.

Round 2 — Josef Planansky (Chaparral) pinned Louden James (Flinthills) 1:40, Austin Danner (Lyons) pinned Spencer Kelley (Garden Plain) :35, Tucker Divine (Halstead) pinned Chris Towne (Kingman) 3:33.

Round 3 — Josef Planansky (Chaparral) pinned Spencer Kelley (Garden Plain) 1:23, Austin Danner (Lyons) pinned Chris Towne (Kingman) :52, Tucker Divine (Halstead) pinned Louden James (Flinthills) 2:40.

Round 4 — Josef Planansky (Chaparral) pinned Tucker Divine (Halstead) 1:11, Austin Danner (Lyons) pinned Louden James (Flinthills) :44, Chris Towne (Kingman) pinned Spencer Kelley (Garden Plain) 2:35.

Round 5 — Austin Danner (Lyons) maj.dec. Josef Planansky (Chaparral) 15-7, Tucker Divine (Halstead) tech.fall Spencer Kelley (Garden Plain) 16-0 (3:41), Chris Towne (Kingman) dec. Louden James (Flinthills) 10-4.

132 — 1. Tarrant Young, Stafford, 2. Matt Swingle, Kingman, 3. Justin Mortiz, Chaparral, 4. Jude Palser, Trinity Academy, 5. Laine Schooley, Burden-Central.

Round 1 — Matt Swingle (Kingman) bye, Tarrant Young (Stafford) pinned Laine Schooley (Burden-Central) :25, Justin Mortiz (Chaparral) maj.dec. Jude Palser (Trinity Academy 13-3.

Round 2 — Matt Swingle (Kingman) pinned Jude Palser (Trinity Academy 3:44, Justin Mortiz (Chaparral) pinned Laine Schooley (Burden-Central) :39, Tarrant Young (Stafford) bye.

Round 3 — Matt Swingle (Kingman) pinned Justin Mortiz (Chaparral) 5:45, Laine Schooley (Burden-Central) bye, Tarrant Young (Stafford) pinned Jude Palser (Trinity Academy) 3:28.

Round 4 — Tarrant Young (Stafford) tech.fall Matt Swingle (Kingman) 15-0 (2:57), Jude Palser (Trinity Academy) dec. Laine Schooley (Burden-Central) 5-4, Justin Mortiz (Chaparral) bye.

Round 5 — Matt Swingle (Kingman) pinned Laine Schooley (Burden-Central) 5:10, Tarrant Young (Stafford) pinned Justin Mortiz (Chaparral) 1:43, Jude Palser (Trinity Academy) bye.

138 — 1. Joseph Ord, Chaparral, 2. John Heuer, Trinity Academy, 3. Skyler Geer, Halstead, 4. Baliey Reed, Hesston, 5. Kaden Miller, Burden-Central, 6. Chris Hartman, Lyons.

Round 1 — Joseph Ord (Chaparral) pinned Baliey Reed (Hesston) 1:49, John Heuer (Trinity Academy) pinned Kaden Miller (Burden-Central) 4:34, Skyler Geer (Halstead) pinned Chris Hartman (Lyons) 1:26.

Round 2 — Joseph Ord (Chaparral) pinned Skyler Geer (Halstead) 1:41, John Heuer (Trinity Academy) pinned Chris Hartman (Lyons) 4:28, Baliey Reed (Hesston) pinned Kaden Miller (Burden-Central) 1:41.

Round 3 — Joseph Ord (Chaparral) pinned Chris Hartman (Lyons) 3:26, John Heuer (Trinity Academy) pinned Baliey Reed (Hesston) 2:00, Skyler Geer (Halstead) pinned Kaden Miller (Burden-Central) 1:53.

Round 4 — Joseph Ord (Chaparral) pinned Kaden Miller (Burden-Central) 4:40, John Heuer (Trinity Academy) pinned Skyler Geer (Halstead) 3:20, Baliey Reed (Hesston) pinned Chris Hartman (Lyons) 2:41.

Round 5 — Joseph Ord (Chaparral) maj.dec. John Heuer (Trinity Academy) 12-0, Kaden Miller (Burden-Central) pinned Chris Hartman (Lyons) :30, Skyler Geer (Halstead) pinned Baliey Reed (Hesston) 2:29.

145 — 1. Jarrett Angle, Chaparral, 2. Elliot Helten, Garden Plain, 3. Nick Archer, Kingman, 4. Eli Miller, Hesston.

Round 1 — Jarrett Angle (Chaparral) pinned Elliot Helten (Garden Plain) 2:45, Nick Archer (Kingman) pinned Eli Miller (Hesston) 1:11.

Round 2 — Jarrett Angle (Chaparral) pinned Eli Miller (Hesston) :12, Elliot Helten (Garden Plain) pinned Nick Archer (Kingman) :36.

Round 3 — Jarrett Angle (Chaparral) pined Nick Archer (Kingman) 1:48, Elliot Helten (Garden Plain) pinned Eli Miller (Hesston) :25.

152 — 1. Jeb Nowak, Garden Plain, 2. Logan Elliott, Hesston, 3. Thane Stuhlsatz, Team X), 4. Aden Stuhlsatz, Team X), 5. Dalton Leis, Kingman, 6. Madison Hobart, Burden-Central.

Round 1 — Jeb Nowak (Garden Plain) pinned Aden Stuhlsatz (Team X) :51, Logan Elliott (Hesston) pinned Thane Stuhlsatz (Team X) 3:57, Dalton Leis (Kingman) pinned Madison Hobart (Burden-Central) :44.

Round 2 — Madison Hobart (Burden-Central) def. Jeb Nowak (Garden Plain) forfeit, Thane Stuhlsatz (Team X) pinned Dalton Leis (Kingman) 1:42, Logan Elliott (Hesston) pinned Aden Stuhlsatz (Team X) 2:23.

Round 3 — Jeb Nowak (Garden Plain) pinned Dalton Leis (Kingman) :50, Thane Stuhlsatz (Team X) pinned Aden Stuhlsatz (Team X) 1:44, Logan Elliott (Hesston) pinned Madison Hobart (Burden-Central) :20.

Round 4 — Jeb Nowak (Garden Plain) pinned Logan Elliott (Hesston) 1:44, Thane Stuhlsatz (Team X) pinned Madison Hobart (Burden-Central) :39, Aden Stuhlsatz (Team X) pinned Dalton Leis (Kingman) :47.

Round 5 — Jeb Nowak (Garden Plain) pinned Thane Stuhlsatz (Team X) 1:37, Logan Elliott (Hesston) pinned Dalton Leis (Kingman) :30, Aden Stuhlsatz (Team X) pinned Madison Hobart (Burden-Central) :13.

160 — 1. Carter Hiebert, Halstead, 2. Francis Stuhlsatz, Team X), 3. Tyrone Taylor, Hesston, 4. Jack Adams, Trinity Academy, 5. Tony Brogan, Burden-Central, 6. Gabe Gordon, Garden Plain, 7. Bly Keimig, Kingman.

Championship: Carter Hiebert (Halstead) pinned Francis Stuhlsatz (Team X) 2:45. Third place: Tyrone Taylor (Hesston) dec. Jack Adams (Trinity Academy) 5-3. Fifth place: Tony Brogan (Burden-Central) pinned Gabe Gordon (Garden Plain) 1:34. Seventh place: Bly Keimig (Kingman) bye.

170 — 1. Dylan Gantz, Stafford, 2. Payton Planansky, Chaparral, 3. Tranden Daerr, Garden Plain, 4. Cody Wohlgemuth, Hesston.

Round 1 — Payton Planansky (Chaparral) pinned Cody Wohlgemuth (Hesston) 1:20, Dylan Gantz (Stafford) Tranden Daerr (Garden Plain) 5-4.

Round 2 — Payton Planansky (Chaparral) pinned Tranden Daerr (Garden Plain) 5-2, Dylan Gantz (Stafford) pinned Cody Wohlgemuth (Hesston) 0-6, Sr. 3:06.

Round 3 — Dylan Gantz (Stafford) dec. Payton Planansky (Chaparral) 7-5, Tranden Daerr (Garden Plain) pinned Cody Wohlgemuth (Hesston) 1:54.

182 — 1. Reed Adelhardt, Garden Plain, 2. Giovany Pando, Lyons, 3. Jess Hancock, Trinity Academy, 4. Hayden Hartung-Williams, Hesston.

Round 1 — Reed Adelhardt (Garden Plain) pinned Jess Hancock (Trinity Academy) :42, Giovany Pando (Lyons) pinned Hayden Hartung-Williams (Hesston) 1:42.

Round 2 — Reed Adelhardt (Garden Plain) pinned Giovany Pando (Lyons) :32, Jess Hancock (Trinity Academy) pinned Hayden Hartung-Williams (Hesston) 5:57.

Round 3 — Reed Adelhardt (Garden Plain) pinned Hayden Hartung-Williams (Hesston) 1:14, Giovany Pando (Lyons) pinned Jess Hancock (Trinity Academy) 3:10.

195 — 1. Owen O'Halloran, Hesston, 2. Zane McGuffey, Cheney, 3. Nolan Roth, Kingman.

Round 1 — Owen O'Halloran (Hesston) bye, Zane McGuffey (Cheney) pinned Nolan Roth (Kingman) 1:51.

Round 2 — Owen O'Halloran (Hesston) pinned Nolan Roth (Kingman) :21, Zane McGuffey (Cheney) bye.

Round 3 — Owen O'Halloran (Hesston) pinned Zane McGuffey (Cheney) 4:21, Nolan Roth (Kingman) bye.

220 — 1. Gavin Girty, Flinthills, 2. Elijah Martinez, Lyons, 3. Dalton Carey, Hesston, 4. Eli Gates, Chaparral, 5. Cody Yust, Kingman.

Round 1 — Gavin Girty (Flinthills) pinned Eli Gates (Chaparral) 1:37, Elijah Martinez (Lyons) pinned Cody Yust (Kingman) 1:10, Dalton Carey (Hesston) bye.

Round 2 — Gavin Girty (Flinthills) pinned Dalton Carey (Hesston) 5:35, Elijah Martinez (Lyons) bye, Eli Gates (Chaparral) pinned Cody Yust (Kingman) 1:10.

Round 3 — Gavin Girty (Flinthills) bye, Elijah Martinez (Lyons) pinned Eli Gates (Chaparral) :52, Dalton Carey (Hesston) pinned Cody Yust (Kingman) :44.

Round 4 — Gavin Girty (Flinthills) tech.fall Cody Yust (Kingman) 16-1 (1:40), Elijah Martinez (Lyons) dec. Dalton Carey (Hesston) 6-3, Eli Gates (Chaparral) bye.

Round 5 — Gavin Girty (Flinthills) pinned Elijah Martinez (Lyons) 3:36, Cody Yust (Kingman) bye, Dalton Carey (Hesston) pinned Eli Gates (Chaparral) 2:49.

HWT — 1. Austin Mantanona, Flinthills, 2. Peyton Becker, Cheney, 3. Troy Reazin, Lyons, 4. Cooper McCormick, Hesston, 5. Jagger Francis, Kingman.

Round 1 — Peyton Becker (Cheney) bye, Austin Mantanona (Flinthills) pinned Cooper McCormick (Hesston) 1:27, Troy Reazin (Lyons) pinned Jagger Francis (Kingman) 0-4, So. :20.

Round 2 — Peyton Becker (Cheney) pinned Jagger Francis (Kingman) :12, Austin Mantanona (Flinthills) pinned Troy Reazin (Lyons) 3-6, Jr. 2:18, Cooper McCormick (Hesston) bye.

Round 3 — Peyton Becker (Cheney) pinned Troy Reazin (Lyons) 1:19, Austin Mantanona (Flinthills) bye, Cooper McCormick (Hesston) pinned Jagger Francis (Kingman) :28.

Round 4 — Peyton Becker (Cheney) dec. Cooper McCormick (Hesston) 4-0, Austin Mantanona (Flinthills) pinned Jagger Francis (Kingman) :34, Troy Reazin (Lyons) bye.

Round 5 — Austin Mantanona (Flinthills) pinned Peyton Becker (Cheney) :39, Troy Reazin (Lyons) pinned Cooper McCormick (Hesston) 3:48, Jagger Francis (Kingman) bye.

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