Railer netters eighth at Winfield

Newton Kansan

WINFIELD — The Newton High School girls’ tennis team placed eighth Thursday at the Winfield Invitational.

Maize South topped the field with 47 points. Wichita Collegiate was second at 45. Arkansas City and Campus each scored 33 points. Newton scored 24 points.

In singles play, Madelynn Hamm placed third at 3-1. Selina Aguilar finshed 12th at 1-3.

In doubles play, the team of Hallie Watkins and Lucie Buller finished 14th at 1-3. The team of Shelby Spreier and Katie McMullin finished 15th at 1-3.

Newton plays Monday at the Emporia Invitational.

Winfield Inv.


Newton results

Team scores — Maize South 47, Wichita Collegiate 45, Arkansas City 33, Campus 33, El Dorado 31, Winfield White 31, Winfield Blue 27, Newton 24.


3. Madelynn Hamm (3-1): 1. W Sophia Goodson Win. W 8-1, QF. W Raizel Carter AC 8-1, SF. L Maddie Kemnitz WC 8-6, 3rd. W Anna Ross Win. B 8-5.

12. Selina Aguilar (1-3): 1. L Ashlyn Luna ED 8-5, CQF. W Jozee Anderson Win. B 8-6, CSF. L Clair Norton Win. W 8-1, 11th. L Rachel Reichenberg Cam. 8-4.


14. Hallie Watkins-Lucie Buller (1-3): 1. L Do-Schmaltz WC 8-2, CQF. L Gulledge-Schmidt Cam. 8-3, CSF. W Karr-Fisher Win. B 8-2, 13th. L Wade-Smith ED 8-4.

15. Shelby Spreier-Katie McMullin (1-3): 1. L Johnson-Stauffer Cam. 8-1, CQF. L Isom-Priest Win. W 8-2, CSF. L Wade-Smith ED 8-7 (7-4), 15th. W Karr-Fisher Win. W 8-2.