Railer netters sixth at Collegiate

The Newton Kansan

WICHITA — The Newton High School girls tennis team placed sixth out of eight teams Tuesday at the Wichita Collegiate Invitational.

Wellington won the meet with 24 points, followed by Salina Central with 22 and Kapaun-Mt. Carmel at 18. Newton scored 10 points.

Newton was led by Selena Aguilar, who finished second at second singles at 2-1.

At first singles, Madelynn Hamm finished sixth at 1-2.

Reese McCord and Catia Sawatzky finished sixth at second doubles at 1-2.

Katie McMullen and Shelby Spreier finished eighth at first doubles at 0-3.

Newton competes Thursday at the Winfield Invitational.

Wichita Collegiate Inv.


Team scores — Wellington 24, Salina Central 22, Kapaun-Mt. Carmel 18, Wichita Collegiate 17, Winfield 14, Newton 10, Goddard 8, Augusta 2.

Newton results

First singles — 6. Madelynn Hamm (1-2): QF. L Gerten Wel. 8-5, CSF. W Kramer Gdd. 8-2, 5th. L Roark Win. 8-0.

Second singles — 2. Selena Aguilar (2-1): QF. W Lichlyter Aug. 8-2, SF. W Robinson SC 8-7 (7-5), F. L Brand Wel. 8-5.

First doubles — 8. Katie McMullen-Shelby Spreier (0-3): QF. L Gibson-Bhargava WC 8-1, CSF. L Camp-Ross Win. 8-0, 7th. L LaPlant-Curry Aug. 8-6.

Second doubles – 6. Reese McCord-Catia Sawatzky (1-2): QF. L Bartlett-Speer KMC 8-4, CSF. W Johnson-Young Gdd. 8-6, 5th. L Munos-Strecker WC 8-7 (7-2).