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Newton Kansan

Railer soccerteam wins

The Newton High School boys soccer team claimed a 2-0 win Tuesday over Andover Central at Fischer Field.

Collin Hershberger scored for the Railers in the first half. Santiago Fernandez scored for Newton in the second half.

Selvin Abrego got the shutout win in goal for Newton.

Newton improves to 5-3 at the midpoint of the season and hosts Salina Central at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

JV — Newton 4, Andover Central 1

Wichita Openqualifiers

A pair of Californians were among the four qualifiers for the Wichita Open during Monday’s opener qualifier at Sand Creek Station.

Austin Bautista of Altadena, Calif., shot an eight-under 64 to top the field. Landon Lyons of Baton Rouge, La., Spencer Soosman of West Lake Village, Calif., and Luke Gannon of Wichita all shot a 65 to qualify.

The Korn Ferry Tour Wichita Open begins play Thursday at Crestview Country Club.

Wichita Open



at Sand Creek Station

Austin Bautistia, Altadena, Calif. 64

Landon Lyons, Baton Rouge, La. 65

Spencer Soosman, West Lake Village, Calif. 65

Luke Gannon, Wichita 65

at Auburn Hills GC, Wichita

Patrick Cover, Ponte Vedra, Fla. 65

Andre Metzger, Scottsdale, Ariz. 65

Andrew Loupe, Baton Rouge, La. 66

Daniel Stringfellow, Roselle, Ill. 66

Railer spikers3-0 at Maize

MAIZE — The Newton High School volleyball team finished the Maize Invitational 3-0 Saturday.

The tournament was reduced to round-robin play among four-team pools.

Newton downed Garden City 25-21, 25-7; Derby 26-24, 25-15; and Goddard Eisenhower 25-14, 27-25.

Against Garden City, Asha Regier put down 16 kills, followed by Gracie Rains with eight. Lindsey Antonowich and Tegan Livesay each downed a pair of blocks. Olivia Antonowich had eight digs, followed by Regier with seven. Marah Zenner set 20 assists.

For Garden City, Josie Calzonetti had six kills, followed by Symone Simmons with four. Calzonetti had seven digs, followed by Abby Parr with six. Mya Cruz set eight assists, followed by Mya DelaCruz with seven.

Against Derby, Regier put down 12 kills. Zenner served three aces. Lindsey Antonowich downed two blocks. Rains had 10 digs, followed by Lindsey Antonowich and Olivia Antonwich with nine each. Zenner set 17 assists.

Against Eisenhower, Regier had 15 kills and Rains had six. Lindsey Antonowich served a pair of aces. Zenner downed three blocks. Lindsey Antonowich had nine digs, followed by Regier, Rains and Olivia Antonowich with seven each. Zenner set 20 assists.

Newton improves to 10-3.

Newton Invitational


(Schedule subject to change)

Pool A — Newton, Nickerson, McPherson, Salina South

at Ravenscroft Gym

8:30 a.m. Newton vs. Nickerson-north court

8:30 a.m. McPherson vs. Salina South-south court

9:30 a.m. Newton vs. Salina South-north

9:30 a.m. McPherson vs. Nickerson-south

10:30 a.m. McPherson vs. Newton-north

10:30 a.m. Nickerson vs. Salina South-south

Pool B — Andale, Andover Central, Buhler, Goddard Eisenhower

at Chisholm Middle School

8:30 a.m. Andale vs. Eisenhower-new gym

8:30 a.m. Buhler vs. Andover Central-old gym

9:30 a.m. Andale vs. Andover Central-new

9:30 a.m. Buhler vs. Eisenhower-old

10:30 a.m. Andale vs. Buhler-new

10:30 a.m. Andover Central vs. Eisenhower-old

Medal round

at Ravenscroft Gym

Championship: 1st Pool A vs. 1st Pool B 12:15 p.m.-north

Third: 2nd Pool A vs. 2nd Pool B 12:15 p.m.-south

at Chisholm Middle School

Fifth: 3rd Pool A vs. 3rd Pool B 12:15 p.m.-new

Seventh: 4th Pool A vs. 4th Pool B 12:15 p.m.-old

Bethel nettersclaim titles

WINFIELD — The Bethel College tennis teams claimed a pair of titles Friday and Saturday at the KCAC individual championships in Winfield.

Team scores were not kept at the meet.

Bethel was led by freshman Daniela Herrera, who won the women’s first singles title at 3-0. Hererra downed top-seeded Mariana Ochoa 6-1, 6-3 in the finals.

For the Bethel men, freshman Milan Bucek won the title at second singles at 3-0. Bucek downed Jacob Turley of McPherson 6-7, 7-5, 11-9 in a third-set tie-breaker.

Also competing for the Bethel women, Halle Krehbiel placed fourth at second singles at 1-2. Aurora Domingo placed fifth at third singles at 2-1. Nalea Payton finished eighth at fourth singles at 0-3. Bethel was open at fifth and sixth singles.

Herrera and Krehbiel finished third at first doubles at 2-1. Domingo and Payton finished fifth at second doubles at 2-1.

Michael Cech finished in sixth at first singles at 2-2. Nolan Schrader finished fourth at third singles at 1-2. Zach Shima finished seventh at fourth singles at 1-2. Tomas Quercia finished third at fifth singles at 2-1. Jordan Singh finished fourth at sixth singles at 1-2.

Cech and Schrader finished fourth at first doubles at 1-2. Bucek and Quercia placed third at second doubles at 2-1. Shima and Singh finished third at third doubles at 2-1.

Bethel plays a pre-season match Tuesday at Tabor and returns to Winfield Friday through Sunday for the NAIA-ITA Regional Championships.

KCAC Individual Championships

Friday and Saturday


Bethel results


First singles — 1. Danielle Herrera (3-0): 1. bye; QF. W Maddie Thrasher, Sterling 8-0; SF. W Madeline Watson, Friends 8-3; F. W Mariana Ochoa, Southwestern 6-1, 6-3.

Second singles — 4. Halle Krehbiel (1-2): 1. bye; QF. W Nicole Marin, Sterling 8-3; SF. L Vanessa Mundo, McPherson 8-2; 3rd. L Zosia Selwesiuk, Kansas Wesleyan 8-4.

Third singles — 5. Aurora Domingo (2-1): QF. L Janae Ryan, Sterling 8-0; CSF. W Jordyn Trombley, Bethany 8-0; 5th. W Kayla Roth, Tabor 8-3.

Fourth singles — 8. Nalea Payton (0-3): QF. L Grace Maxey, McPherson 8-2; CSF. L Sydney McGrown, Friends 9-7; 7th. L Kiara Sweat, Bethany 8-4.

First doubles — 3. Herrera-Krehbiel (2-1): 1. bye; QF. W Benson-Selwesiuk, Kansas Wesleyan 8-0; SF. L Coe-Ochoa, Southwestern 9-7; 3rd. W Watson-McGrown, Friends 9-7.

Second doubles — 5. Domingo-Payton (2-1): QF. L Ortiz-Maxey, McPherson 8-4; CSF. W A.Willians-Smith, Friends 8-6; 5th. W Trombley-Sweat, Bethany 8-6.


First singles — 6. Michael Cech (2-2): 1. bye; QF. L Kurt Bruckner Suarez, Bethany 9-7; CQF. W Kyler Comley, Sterling 8-0; CSF. W Mickel Alexander, Tabor 8-1; 5th. L Jose Catala, Oklahoma Wesleyan 9-8 (7-4).

Second singles — 2. Milan Bucek (3-0): 1. bye; QF. W Kris Veljacic, Friends 8-2, SF. W Thomas Golden, Ottawa 8-4; F. W Jacob Turley, McPherson 6-7, 7-5, 11-9 TB.

Third singles — 4. Nolan Schrader (1-2): 1. bye; QF. W Franco Iozzo, Friends 8-2; SF. L Nicolas Wahl, McPherson 8-2; 3rd. L Blake Sprouse, Ottawa 8-2.

Fourth singles – 7. Zach Shima (1-2): 1. bye; QF. L Kerry Dunn, Friends 8-4; CQF. bye; CSF. L Kyle Rice, Kansas Wesleyan 9-7; 7th. W Matt Lucas, Bethany 8-5.

Fifth singles — 3. Tomas Quercia (2-1): 1. bye; QF. W Nate Watson, Friends 8-5; SF. L Martin Milos, McPherson 8-3; 3rd. W Erik Czapinski, Ottawa 8-6.

Sixth singles — 4. Jordan Singh (1-2): 1. bye; QF. W Kamran Jones, Sterling 8-1; SF. L Marcelo Mann, Southwestern 8-1; 3rd. L Ben Zoller, Friends 8-5.

First doubles — 4. Cech-Scharder (1-2): 1. bye; QF. W Ramirez-Alexander, Tabor score n/a; SF. L Milos-Turley, McPherson 8-6; 3rd. L Vera-Moral Tebar, Southwestern 8-2.

Second doubles — 3. Bucek-Quercia (2-1): 1. bye; QF. W Dunn-Veljacic, Friends 8-4; SF. L Monk-Bodin, McPherson 8-1; 3rd. W Sprouse-Graham, Ottawa default.

Third doubles — 3. Shima-Singh (2-1); 1. bye; QF. W Carter-Sherman, Kansas Wesleyan 8-4; SF. L Hawthorne-Erdmann, Southwestern 8-2; 3rd. W Watson-Zoller, Friends 8-2.

BC men fallto Wesleyan

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. — The Bethel College men’s soccer team fell to fifth-ranked Oklahoma Wesleyan 6-0 Saturday in KCAC play in Bartlesville.

OWU improves to 3-0 overall and in conference play. Bethel drops to 2-1 overall and in the conference.

Bethel was outshot 22-2, 15-0 on target.

Stefan Cvetanovic led the Eagles with three goals. Matheus Ferreira added a goal with an assist. Victor Crispim and Stefan Lukic each added a goal.

Sean Holness had eight saves in goal for Bethel. Alex Vidizzoni had the shutout in goal while fielding no shots.

Bethel returns to play at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 3 at Friends.



1. OW Matheus Ferreira (unassisted) 1:13

2. OW Victor Crispim (unassisted) 3:08

3. OW Stefan Cvetanovic (unassisted) 11:38

4. OW Cvetanovic (Ferreira) 17:52

5. OW Cvetanovic (Martin Markovic) 39:31

6. OW Stefan Lukic (Alex Lozano) 62:42

Total shots — BC 0-2—2, OW 10-12—22. Shots on goal — BC 0-0—0, OW 8-7—15. Saves — BC: Sean Holness (L, 90:00, 6 ga) 6-2—8; team x-1—1; OW: Alex Vidizzoni (W) 0-0—0. Corner kicks — BC 3, OW 5. Fouls — BC 9, OW 13. Offside — BC 1, OW 1. Cautions — BC: Fabian Schmid 51:50, Niklas Honer 73:44. OW: Markovic 42:45, Paul Fikipo 77:50.

Bethel womendrop road game

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. — The Bethel College women’s soccer team fell to No. 21 (NAIA) Oklahoma Wesleyan 9-0 Saturday in Bartlesville.

Marjolen Nekesa scored six goals with an assist for OWU. Tania Mocholi, Faith Mosaira and Daniela Ortiz each added a goal. Laura Maria dished three assists, followed by Ruth Khasoha with two.

Bethel was outshot 25-6, 15-2 on goal. Mariah Vallejo had six saves for Bethel. Amethyst Archer and Nerea Perez Mora each each had a save for the Eagles, 4-0 overall and 3-0 in KCAC play.

Bethel falls to 1-2 overall and in the conference, and plays at 3 p.m. Oct. 3 at Friends.



1. OW Marjolen Nekesa (Laura Maria) 9:45

2. OW Nekesa (Valaria Pankratova) 20:51

3. OW Tania Mocholi (Nekesa) 37:54

4. OW Daniela Ortiz (Maria) 41:46

5. OW Faith Mosaira (Ruth Khasoha) 50:45

6. OW Nekesa (unassisted) 52:09

7. OW Nekesa (ReNaisha Mitchell) 54:04

8. OW Nekesa (Maria) 70:39

9. OW Nekesa (Khasoha) 71:15

Total shots — BC 1-5—6, OW 14-11—25. Shots on goal — BC 0-2—2, OW 7-8—15. Saves — BC: Mariah Vallejo (L) 3-3—6. OW: Nerea Perez Mora (W, 84:55, 0 ga) 0-1—1; Amethyst Archer (5:05, 0 ga) x-1—1. Corner kicks — BC 1, OW 4. Fouls — BC 7, OW 5. Offside — BC 0, OW 0. Cautions — BC Cheyenne Lisle 71:15.

G2 Heat 18Ufinishes 5-3

WICHITA — The G2 Heat 18U-Llamas softball team finished weekend tournament play at the South Lakes Softball Complex 5-3.

The Heat beat the Tigers 5-3. Cheyenne Cooper had two hits with four RBIs. Chana Wolfe struck out three in the win.

The Heat lost to the Kansas Shocker 9-2.

The Heat beat the G2 Heat-Garcia 11-0. Makenzie F. hit a home run. Emily Wedel drove in two runs. Cooper had two hits with an RBI. Wolfe and Emily Kvasnicka combined on the three-inning no hitter. Kvasnicka struck out two.

The Heat beat the Hays Hustle 11-3. Makenzie F, Wedel and Emily Peterson each drove in two runs. Onnie Revels struck out two and Wolfe struck out three.

The Heat lost to the Shocker a second time 3-2. Wolfe struck out two and drove in a run.

The Heat beat the Kansas Kryptonite 6-5. Peterson drove in two runs. Cooper had three hits with an RBI. Wolfe had two hits. Annabelle McLaughlin pitched five innings for the win.

In the first championship game, the Heat beat the Shocker 7-3. Wedel drove in three runs and Kvasnicka drove in two. Emma Brady had two hits. Wolfe and Revels each struck out two in two innings.

In the deciding game, the Heat lost to the Shocker 7-1. Cassie Albin drove in a run. Revels, Wolfe and McLaughlin each pitched.

Railers 14Ustops Buhler

The Newton Railers 14U baseball team downed Buhler 13-1 Sunday at Kenny Williams Field.

Austin Aarons hit a home run and drove in three runs. A.J. Carbajal drove in two runs. Michael Seirer went two for three hitting.

Kale Degenstein went the distance pitching, allowing an unearned run on two hits with two strikeouts.

The Railers are 15-16 and play Newton-Weeks at 5:30 p.m. Sunday at Kenny Williams Field.



McPherson Inv.


Newton Chisholm


Seventh grade girls (1.5 miles) (team scores: Hays 10, Prairie Hills 34, Goddard Eisenhower 53) — 12. ELLA RYAN 12:39.66; 19. JOSLIN ALVEREZ 13:25.65.

Seventh grade boys (1.5 miles) (team scores: Hays 15, Eisenhower 31, Newton Chisholm 40) — 1. RIGO TORRES 1 9:36.20; 20. LEVI SNOW 12 12:33.10; 22. KALEN RODRIGUEZ 13 13:08.40; 24. BRAXTON BERGQUIST 14 13:15.56.

Eighth grade girls (2 miles) (team scores: Prairie Hills 20, Eisenhower 49, Hays 51, McPherson 53, Newton Chisholm 59) — 11. ABIGAIL SECOR 17:13.83; 19. ANGELICA MADRIGA 18:40.72; 21. ALEENA LANE 19:32.81; 26. SHEALESE THOMPS 21:06.50; 30. AMINA SULEJMANI 21:40.46; 33. DEVYN PORTER 22:43.76; 34. TRISTA BLACKWELL 598 22:55.67.

Eighth grade boys (2 miles) (team scores: Prairie Hills 22, Hays 34, Eisenhower 49, Newton Chisholm 76, Lakewood 82, McPherson 84, Reno Valley 122) — 3. LUCAS KAUFMAN 12:30.85; 18. CHARLES MUSSER 14:05.29; 32. OLIVER SMITH 15:03.95; 33. MAX ANTONOWICH 15:21.67; 49. ELIJAH METZLER 16:33.04; 50. ZACH SIMPSON 16:33.06; 51. COOPER PERKINS 16:38.73; 57. NASH GREEN 18:01.59; 59. ABRAM WALL 20:46.17; 60. SAMUEL SALAS 22:14.34; 62. KALEB WILHELM 24:19.06.


Twins 9, Newton 8U-Weeks 7

Newton 8U-Weeks 19, Lil Royals 2

Hesston Swathers 12U 15, Newton Horton 2