Rain stops Newton Invitational

Mark Schnabel
Newton High School tennis player Shelby Spreier competes in doubles play at the Newton Invitational.

The Newton High School girls tennis team finished all but one round of the Newton Invitational Tuesday at the Phil Scott Tennis Center on the NHS campus and the Marty Ward Tennis Center on the Bethel College campus.

The meet was suspended because of rain. In singles play, seven of eight semifinal matches were complete, along with one medal match.

The doubles were complete through the semifinals.

For the Railers in singles play, Madelynn Hamm finished sixth at 2-2. Lucy Buller was 0-2. She was competing in the consolation semifinals when the meet was suspended.

In doubles play, Hallie Watkins and Katie McMullin finished 1-2. The two reached the 11th-place match when play was suspended. Shelby Spreier and Selena Aguilar was 0-3. The two reached the 15th-place match when play was suspended.

Newton is scheduled to compete at the Valley Center Invitational at 3 p.m. Tuesday.

Newton Invitational girls tennis

Newton Inv.


Team scores — (n/a, tournament incomplete) Andover, Arkansas City, Campus, Derby, Newton, Salina Central, Wichita Trinity Academy, Winfield.


First round — Sebits WTA def. Palvian Der. 7-0, Featherby Cam. def. Hain AC 7-5, Agpoon Der. def. Brake WTA 7-2, Hamm New. def. Carter AC 7-3, Sanborn SC def. Buller New. 7-0, Tantemsomboon And. def. Ross Win. 7-3, Sinclair And. def. Reichenberg Cam. 7-1, Camp Win. def. Robinson SC 7-2.

Quarterfinals — Championship: Sebits WTA def. Featherby Cam. 7-0, Agpoon Der. def. Hamm New. 7-5, Sanborn SC def. Tantemsomboon And. 7-1, Sinclair And. def. Camp Win. 7-0. Consolation: Hain AC def. Palvian Der. 7-6 (7-5), Brake WTA def. Carter Ac 7-2, Ross Win. def. Buller New. 7-3, Robinson SC def. Reichenberg Cam. 7-5.

Semifinals — Championship: Sebits WTA def. Agpoon Der. 7-0, Sinclair And. def. Sanborn SC 7-2. Fifth-place bracket: Hamm New. def. Featherby Cam. 7-5, Tantemsomboon And. def. Camp Win. 7-3. Ninth-place bracket: Hain AC def. Brake WTA 7-2, Robinson SC def. Ross Win. 7-6 (7-5). 13th-place bracket: Palivan Der, def. Carter AC 7-4, Buller New. vs. Reichenberg Cam. rained out.

Medal round — First: rained out. Third: rained out. Fifth: Tantemsomboon And. def. Hamm New. 7-1. Seventh: rained out. Ninth: rained out. 11th: rained out. 13th: rained out. 15th: rained out.


First round — Messenger-Biddle AC def. Johnson-Stauffer Cam. 7-1, Dunne-Majors WTA def. Turpin-Nutter SC 7-2, Gulledge-Schmidt Cam. def. Ulwelling-Hale Der. 7-2, Tan-Ali And. def. Karr-Priest Win. 7-2, E.Sinclair-Jittawait And. def. Spreier-Aguilar New. 7-2, Isom-Roark Win. def. Mills-Winegarner AC 7-5, Geihsler-Montoya SC def. Lancelot-Todorov WTA 7-2, Towns-Yager Der. def. Watkins-McMullin New. 7-5.

Quarterfinals — Championship: Messenger-Biddle AC def. Dunne-Majors WTA 7-2, Tan-Ali And. def. Gulledge-Schmidt Sam. 7-3, E.Sinclair-Jittawait And. def. Isom-Roark Win. 7-2, Geihsler-Montoya SC def. Towns-Yager Der. 7-1. Consolation: Turpin-Nutter SC def. Johnson-Stauffer Cam. 7-3, Karr-Priest Win. def. Ulwelling-Hale Der. 7-6 (8-6), Mills-Winegarner AC def. Spreier-Aguilar New. 7-5, Watkins-McMullin New. def. Lancelot-Todorov WTA 7-6 (7-5).

Semifinals — Championship: Messenger-Biddle AC def. Tan-Ali And. 7-2, Sinclair-Jittawait And. def. Geihsler-Montoya SC 7-1. Fifth-place bracket: Dunne-Majors WTA def. Gulledge-Schmidt Cam. 7-5, Towns-Yager Der. def. Isom-Roark Win. 7-4. Ninth-place bracket: Turpin-Nutter SC def. Karr-Priest Win. 7-4, Mills-Winegamer AC def. Watkins-McMullin New. 7-2. 13th-place bracket: Ulwelling-Hale Der. def. Johnson-Stauffer Cam. 7-0, Lancelot-Todorov WTA def. Spreier-Aguilar New. 7-0.

Medal round — First: rained out. Third: rained out. Fifth: rained out. Seventh: rained out. Ninth: rained out. 11th: rained out. 13th: rained out. 15th: rained out.

Newton High School tennis player Selena Aguilar competes in doubles play at the Newton Invitational.