Railer gymnasts claim near sweep

Mark Schnabel
Newton senior Toria Thaw won all four apparatus and the all-around title, leading the Railers to a dual meet win over Emporia.

It was a near sweep for the Newton High School gymnastics team in a 96.425-90.125 dual meet win over Emporia on Tuesday at the Flip-Flop Shop.

Newton senior Toria Thaw won the all-around in 34.2, followed by teammates Berkeley Roberson in second in 30.825 and Elisa Fernandez in third in 30.525. Elise Jantz finished fourth in 30.475, missing a ribbon by .05 points.

Toria Thaw placed first on all four apparatus. She won the vault in 8.6, the uneven parallel bars in 8.2, the balance beam in 8.4 and the floor exercises in 9.0.

“(The scores) were pretty good considering I fell on the bars and floor, but they were pretty good for a first meet,” she said. “(The floor) score was unexpected.”

Toria didn’t compete in gymnastics in the off-season but did quite a bit of working out.

“I had to take some (workouts) off because of some other activities,” she said. “Then I’d come back here, and that was a little tough to get back into it. It’s been a little tough. I practiced almost every day except for those practices I had to take off.”

Toria was an all-around medalist at state as a junior, taking sixth. She also placed fifth at state on beam.

“I just want to do the best I can, and improve on my other events,” Toria said. “I’d like to get back. I’m just hoping for the best I could do.”

Roberson was second on the vault in 8.4 and third on the floor in 8.225. Fernandez was second on the beam in 8.0. Jantz was third on the bars in 6.85.

“I didn’t see that coming,” Newton coach JoAnne Thaw said of the first-meet score. “It was hard to tell. You didn’t know how they scored (scores weren’t posted during the meet, but were announced at the end of the event). We didn’t have the scoreboards, but I was happy.”

Coach Thaw said the summer and pre-season went well.

“They girls worked out and conditioned all summer,” JoAnne Thaw said. “We worked out here. … It went pretty well. They all have their names (on the wall). They don’t gather before practice. They go to their name. They have their bins. It’s a different way. There’s a lot of communication with their parents to make it happen.”

Coach Thaw said competing at the Flip-Flop Shop, which she also owns, is a little different than competing at Ravenscroft Gym.

“They like the spring floor, and at Emporia they work out on a spring floor,” coach Thaw said. “It’s a trade off. Not being at the high school, you don’t have as many people. We had a lot of problems with seating. We’re just going to have to be flexible. I think we’ll be OK.”

Newton had one meet canceled because of restrictions some of the schools in the northeast part of the state have. Coach Thaw said the Olathe schools currently are only allowing competition between themselves. The Shawnee Mission schools were to decide Tuesday if they can resume workouts.

“For us, if Shawnee Mission can compete, they will allow us to compete at Shawnee Mission,” she said. “They are thinking about moving the state meet back two weeks because some schools haven’t been able to practice.”

Thaw said the next scheduled meet is the Newton Invitational Oct. 3. She said the only teams that are currently able to compete at that meet is Newton and Emporia. She said that meet may be moved if it will allow more teams to enter. If not, it may be a dual meet Oct. 6.

“We just have to be flexible and go with the flow,” JoAnne Thaw said. “It’s a 2020 we won’t forget.”

Newton-Emporia dual meet

Newton 96.425, Emporia 90.125

All-Around — 1. Toria Thaw N 34.2, 2. Berkeley Roberson N 30.825, 3. Elisa Fernandez N 30.525, 4. Elise Jantz N 30.475, 5. Hadleigh Mertens E 29.55, 6. Hattie Walker E 29.45, 7. Journey Walburn E 28.5, 8. Janessa Sutton N 22.4.

Vault — 1. Thaw N 8.6, 2. (tie) Roberson N 8.4, Cadence Vincent E 8.4, 4. (tie) Jantz N 8.35, Mertens E 8.35, 6. Walker E 8.1, 7. Walburn E 8.0, 9. (tie) Jacey Stutler E 7.85, Fernandez N 7.85, 11. Violet Bartley N 7.45, 12. Sutton N 7.2.

Uneven Parallel Bars — 1. Thaw N 8.2, 2. Walker E 7.1, 3. Jantz N 6.85, 4. Roberson N 6.8, 5. Fernandez N 8.0, 6. Walburn E 6.0, 7. Mertens E 5.75, 8. Stutler E 4.725, 9. Vincent E 4.65, 10. Sara Chapman E 3.9, 11. Sutton N 3.85, 12. Georgia Garcia N 3.75.

Balance Beam — 1. Thaw N 8.4, 2. Fernandez N 8.0, 3. Vincent E 7.85, 4. Mertens E 7.625, 5. Roberson N 7.4, 6. Jantz N 7.175, 7. Laney Cooper E 6.975, 8. Walker E 6.4, 9. Walburn E 6.2, 10. Garcia N 4.8, 11. Sutton N 4.4.

Floor exercises — 1. Thaw N 9.0, 2. Walburn E 8.3, 3. Roberson N 8.225, 4. Fernandez N 8.2, 5. Jantz N 8.1, 6. Walker E 7.85, 7. Mertens E 7.825, 8. Stutler E 7.675, 9. Bartley N 7.3, 10. Cooper E 7.025, 11. Sutton N 6.95, 12. Garcia N 6.35.

Newton gymnast Elisa Fernandez placed third in all-around Tuesday in a meet against Emporia.