Area football roundup

Newton Kansan

Central Kansas League

Halstead 46, Smoky Valley 0

LINDSBORG — Lakin Farmer rushed for 264 yards with four touchdowns to lead the Halstead Dragons to a 46-0 win over Smoky Valley Friday in CKL play in Lindsborg.

Farmer also picked off two passes, including a return for a touchdown.

The Dragons only attempted four passes, with Cameron Kohr hitting two of them for 29 yards. Kaleb Wise added a 37-yard touchdown run.

Doug Grider had 10 total tackles on defense.

The Vikings were held to 120 yards total offense. Trystan Stambaugh rushed for 61 yards.

Halstead hosts Nickerson Friday. Nickerson fell to Hillsboro 40-14.


Smoky Val.;0;0;0;0;—0


1q. H L.Farmer 54-yd. run (Kohr run) 9:23

1q. H L.Farmer 87-yd. run (Hiebert run) 4:24

1q. H L.Farmer interception return (Hiebert run) 2:42

2q. H L.Farmer 64-yd. run (Drake pass from Kohr) 6:35

3q. H L.Farmer 31-yd. run (run failed) 9:00

4q. H Wise 37-yd. run (O.Farmer run) 5:21

Team stats


First downs;13;10


Passing yards;29;38





Time of poss.;19:31;28:29

Individual stats

RUSHING — Halstead: Farmer 11-264, Lopez 9-46, Wise 1-37, Kohr 6-12, Boyd 2-0, Drake 1-(-13). Smoky Valley: Stambaugh 9-61, Lucas 11-13, Blanchat 10-4, Sjogren 2-3, Heble 2-1.

PASSING — Halstead: Kohr 2-4-0, 29 yards. Smoky Valley: Lucas 5-15-3, 38 yards.

RECEIVING — Halstead: Hiebert 1-17, Boyd 1-12. Smoky Valley: Lysell-Stewart 5-38.

Missed field goals — SV: Malm 28.

Hesston 34, Haven 12

HESSTON — The Hesston Swathers used two quarterback, who combined for 328 yards with three touchdowns, to claim a 34-12 win over Haven Friday in Hesston.

Jake Proctor hit 14 of 17 passes for 194 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. Ryan Eilert hit 14 of 24 passes for 134 yards with a touchdown.

Eilert and Colton Diller each rushed for a touchdown. Brady Cox had six catches for 116 yards and a touchdown, Max Werner added 103 yards on six catches. Ben Bollinger and Nick Arnold each added a receiving touchdown. Bollinger and Proctor each had an interception.

Haven’s Darby Roper hit 17 of 26 passes for 161 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. Roper also rushed for 46 yards. Skylar Shingleton and Nathan Schmidt each had a touchdown reception.

Hesston hosts Hillsboro Friday.




1q. He. Arnold 4-yd. pass from Eilert (run failed) 5:45

2q. He. Diller 21-yd. run (Bollinger pass from Eilert) 10:34

2q. Ha. Schmidt 50-yd. pass from Roper (pass failed) 8:43

2q. He. Eilert 8-yd. run (run failed) 6:10

2q. Ha. Shingleton 19-yd. pass from Roper (run failed) :31

4q. He. Bollinger 14-yd. pass from Proctor (Cox pass from Proctor) 10:49

4q. He. Cox 49-yd. pass from Proctor (pass failed) 8:56

Team stats


First downs;9;26


Passing yards;164;328





Time of poss.;24:12;23:48

Individual stats

RUSHING — Haven: Roper 11-46, Schmidt 8-16, Weve 2-2. Hesston: Arnold 8-58, Diller 4-46, Cox 5-43, Eilert 7-25, Proctor 6-16, Taylor 5-15.

PASSING — Haven: Roper 17-26-2, 161 yards; Sipe 2-3-0, 3 yards. Hesston: Proctor 14-17-1, 194 yards; Eilert 14-24-0, 134 yards.

RECEIVING — Haven: Shingleton 9-60, Schmidt 1-50, Galloway 7-46, Loop 1-10, Wilhite 1-(-2). Hesston: Cox 6-116, Werner 6-103, Bollinger 10-79, Schilling 4-26, Arnold 1-4, Leinbach 1-0.

Missed field goals — none.

Heart of America League

Sedgwick 45, Sterling 0

SEDGWICK — The Sedgwick Cardinals opened the season with a 45-0 win over Sterling Friday in HOAL play in Sedgwick.

Scoring and stats were not received at press time.

Sedgwick plays Friday at Wichita Independent.

Non League

Douglass 40, Remington 27

BRAINERD — The Remington Broncos opened the season with a 40-27 loss to the Douglass Bulldogs Friday in non-league play.

Remington trailed 26-6 at the half. A second-half comeback fell short.

Dalton Hilyard led Douglass with 168 yards rushing with three touchdowns. Wade Morgan added a rushing touchdown. Konnor Kielhorn returned an interception for a score and returned a kickoff for a score.

For Remington, Braden Scribner passed for 124 yards and a touchdown. David Fasnacht caught the pass. Toby Lewis rushed for 122 yards and a score. Fasnacht and Owen Thiel each added a rushing score.

Remington hosts Conway Springs Friday.




1q. D Hilyard 32-yd. run (pass failed) :54

2q. D Kielhorn interception return (Lockwood pass from Stoffel) 12:00

2q. R Thiel 3-yd. run (kick failed) 6:13

2q. D Hilyard 37-yd. run (pass failed) 5:29

2q. D Hilyard 1-yd. run (pass failed) :33

3q. R Lewis 25-yd. run (Lopez kick) 8:12

3q. D Morgan 85-yd. kickoff return (Hilyard run) 7:59

4q. R Fasnacht 53-yd. pass from Scribner (Lopez kick) 9:34

4q. R Fasnacht 12-yd. run (Lopez kick) 3:15

4q. D Morgan run (run failed) 9:34

Team stats


First downs;11;21


Passing yards;48;124





Time of poss.;16:13;31:47

Individual stats

RUSHING — Douglass: Hilyard 12-168, Jo.Stoffel 10-46, Morgan 8-38, Glaves 1-4, team 1-(-14). Remington: Lewis 18-122, Fasnacht 9-48, Thiel 14-48, Foster 1-5, Scribner 8-2.

PASSING — Douglass: Jo.Stoffel 4-10-0, 48 yards. Remington: Scribner 8-18-4, 124 yards.

RECEIVING — Douglass: Ja.Stoffel 4-48. Remington: Fasnacht 2-68, Lewis 3-36, Thiel 2-15, Entz 1-5.

Missed field goals — none.


Wheat State League

Canton-Galva 54, Goessel 0

GOESSEL — The Goessel Bluebirds fell to defending Eight-Man I state champion Canton-Galva 54-0 Friday in Wheat State League play in Goessel.

The game was called at the half on the 45-point rule.

Garrett Maltbie hit eight of nine passes for 135 yards and four touchdown. Tyson Struber had four catches for 101 yards and three touchdowns. Struber also returned an interception for a score. Braison Alcala added a touchdown catch. Brayden Collins rushed for 91 yards and two touchdown.

Grant Bryant led Goessel with 41 yards rushing and 28 yards passing.

Goessel plays Friday at Herington.




1q. CG Struber 46-yd. pass from Maltbie (run failed) 11:52

1q. CG Collins 17-yd. run Mastre pass from Maltbie) 8:33

1q. CG Struber 7-yd. pass from Maltbie (Huff run) 1:08

2q. CG Struber 30-yd. pass from Maltbie (Huff run) 8:18

2q. CG Collins 15-yd. run (Struber pass from Maltbie) 6:34

2q. CG Alcala 10-yd. pass from Maltbie (Nordstrom run) 3:08

2q. CG Struber 34-yd. interception return (Maltbie run) 3:08

Team stats


First downs;12;6


Passing yards;135;28





Individual stats

RUSHING — Canton-Galva: Collins 10-91, Maltbie 4-37, Huff 1-9. Goessel: Bryant 13-41, Funk 9-35, Wiens 2-(-4).

PASSING — Canton-Galva: Maltbie 8-9-0, 135 yards. Goessel: Bryant 3-8-0, 28 yards.

RECEIVING — Canton-Galva: Struber 4-101, Collins 2-15, Alcala 1-10, Mastre 1-9. Goessel: Zogleman 2-26, Wiens 1-2.

Missed field goals — none.

Little River 50, Peabody-Burns 0

PEABODY — The Peabody-Burns Warriors opened the season with a 50-0 loss to Little River Friday in WSL play.

Jayden Garrison and Graham Stephens each passed for a touchdown and rushed for two. Garrison also caught a touchdown pass and returned a punt for a score. Braxton Lafferty also caught a TD pass.

The Warriors were held to -52 yards total offense.

Peabody-Burns plays Friday at Hutchinson Central Christian.

Little Rv.;14;36;x;x;—50



1q. LR Garrison 4-yd. run (two-point conversion)

1q. LR Stephens 25-yd. run (conversion failed)

2q. LR Garrison 40-yd. punt return (conversion failed)

2q. LR Lafferty 35-yd. pass from Garrison (conversion failed)

2q. LR Garrison 25-yd. pass from Stephens (two-point conversion)

2q. LR Garrsion 50-yd. run (two-point conversion)

2q. LR Stephens 16-yd. run (two-point conversion)

Team stats


First downs;6;2


Passing yards;76;24



Fumbles lost;0;1


Individual stats

RUSHING — Little River: Garrison 3-75, Stephens 4-50. Peabody-Burns: #6 6-(-6), #13 9-(-31), #2 8-(-37), team 1-(-2).

PASSING — Little River: Stephens 3-4-0, 41 yards; Garrison 1-1-0, 35 yards. Peabody-Burns: #6 2-2-0, 23 yards; #2 1-5-0, 1 yard; team 0-1-1, 0 yards.

RECEIVING — Little River: Garrison 2-38, Lafferty 1-35, team 1-3. Peabody-Burns: #2 1-19, #13 1-4, #6 1-1.

Missed field goals — none.

Non League

Chase Co. 46, Moundridge 0

MOUNDRIDGE — The Moundridge Wildcats fell to Chase County 46-0 Friday in non-league play in Moundridge.

The game was called with 10:33 remaining on the 45-point rule.

Mitchell Budke rushed for 113 yards and three touchdowns and passed for 194 yards and two touchdowns. Budke also returned an interception for a score. Blaise Holloway caught two passes for 90 yards and two touchdowns. Trint Rogers rushed for 64 yards and a score.

For Moundridge, Corbin Unruh passed for 41 yards. Kase Ptacek rushed for 28 yards. Jon Schlosser had 27 receiving yards.

Moundridge hosts Macksville Friday.

Chase Co.;6;12;6;22;—46



1q. CC Holloway 25-yd. pass from Budke (run failed) 4:42

2q. CC Budke 40-yd. run (run failed) 11:12

2q. CC Holloway 65-yd. pass from Budke (run failed) 8:48

3q. CC Budke 27-yd. run (run failed) 6:38

4q. CC Budke 27-yd. run (pass failed) 11:16

4q. CC Budke interception return (Budke run) 10:54

4q. CC Rogers 25-yd. run (Rogers pass from Budke) 10:33

Team stats


First downs;15;9


Passing yards;194;41





Time of poss.;28:29;19:28

Individual stats

RUSHING — Chase County: Budke 15-113, Rogers 10-64, Holloway 2-20, Griffin 1-4. Moundridge: Ptacek 8-28, Conquest 9-23, Schmidt 2-12, Unruh 9-11, Everhart 2-3.

PASSING — Chase County: Budke 11-14-0, 194 yards. Moundridge: Unruh 4-18-2, 41 yards.

RECEIVING — Chase County: Holloway 2-90, Rogers 6-60, Eidman 1-25, Ybarra 1-12, Grifin 1-7. Moundridge: Schlosser 1-27, Brandeweide 1-8, Dougherty 2-6.

Missed field goals — none.


Ashland 64, Burrton 18

BURRTON — The Burrton Chargers fell to Ashland 64-18 in the Chargers’ six-man debut Friday in Burrton.

The game was called at the half on the 45-point rule.

Burrton trailed 39-6 after the first quarter. No other details were reported.

Burrton hosts Fowler at 6 p.m. Friday. Fowler fell to Moscow 38-12.