Railer netters seventh at McPherson tourney

Newton Kansan

McPHERSON — The Newton High School girls’ tennis team placed seventh Thursday at the eight-team McPherson Invitational.

McPherson Red won the tournament with 53 points, followed by Goddard Eisenhower with 28, McPherson White with 35 and Salina Sacred Heart with 34. Newton scored 16 points.

In singles play, Madelynn Hamm finished seventh at 2-2. Lucy Buller finished 13th at 2-2.

In doubles play, Hallie Watkins and Katie McMullin finished 12th at 1-3. Shelby Spreier and Selena Aguilar finished 16th at 0-4.

“The girls turned in a good effort yesterday against some very tough competition,” Newton coach Nick Sisson said. “We saw multiple state qualifiers and put up some good scores.”

The Railers host the Newton Invitational Tuesday.

McPherson Inv.


Newton results

Team scores — McPherson Red 53, Goddard Eisenhower 38, McPherson White 35, Salina Sacred Heart 34, Derby 29, Great Bend 20, Newton 16, Valley Center 15.


7. Madelynn Hamm (2-2): 1. W Kyndall Sandbo MW 8-0, QF. L Patty Huerat MR 8-4, CSF. L Mia Agpoon Der. 8-7 (7-5), 7th. W Grace Wittie MW 8-3.

13. Lucy Buller (2-2): 1. L Lily Perrin SSH 8-0, CQF. L Lily Wilson VC 8-0, CSF. W Grace Dougherty 8-7 (7-4), 13th. W Angel Tran SSH 8-4.


12. H.Watkins-K.McMullin (1-3): 1. L L.Towns-C.Yager Der. 8-3, CQF. W M.Ward-D.Newman GB 8-7 (7-4), CSF. L M.Blanton-T.Turner VC 8-5, 11th. L N.Ulwelling-K.Hale Der. 8-4.

16. S.Spreier-S.Aguilar (0-4): 1. L M.Dobson-T.Berger MR 8-3, CQF. L A.Moyers-A.Popp GB 8-3, CSF. L A.Farney-G.Brabander VC 8-2, 15th. L M.Ward-D.Newman GB 8-4.