Sports briefs

Newton Kansan

Tabor to build

tennis facility

HILLSBORO — Tabor College announced the development of a new indoor tennis facility, which is expected to be completed by December.

"Having an indoor facility at this level of play is rare," Tabor tennis coach Luke Rencher said. "The hours we spent in past years removing snow and ice can now be used to practice. Having indoor courts will allow us to have serious practices and matches all year long and sets us apart from our competitors. I am so thankful for the generosity of the family that make this facility possible."

According to the Tabor release, the development of the facility was made possible “thanks to the generous gifts of a multi-generational legacy family who had a vision and saw the need for an indoor training facility so the tennis team could practice and train year-round.”

The facility will be located south of Joel H. Wiens Stadium parking lot and will feature two indoor courts. Vogt's Construction will serve as contractor.

"The tennis facility is a wonderful addition to the campus," TC president Jules Glanzer said. "Having an indoor training facility will increase the excellence we desire in our tennis program. I am so thankful for the family and their vision and generosity in helping Tabor achieve a new level of competitiveness and excellence with our tennis program."

Ottawa names

esports coach

OTTAWA — Ottawa University named Max Wood as its head esports coach.

"Coach Wood brings significant experience to OU having been involved in esports at a highly competitive level," Ottawa athletic director Arabie Conner said. "His philosophy and approach resonated with the search committee as he articulated his vision for the program. His passion for not just one, but a variety of esports titles along with in-depth knowledge of each was impressive and unique. We believe Coach Wood is the ideal candidate to add into our staffing model as we further define and build upon the early visibility and successes of our program."

Wood previously served as esports development manager at Lowkey Esports LLC, where he “established and managed 11 independent Lowkey esports branches with 168 employees. Wood spearheaded a variety of operations, including recruiting athletes, coordinating training and competition schedules, maintaining facilities and equipment, and handled team registration. He led teams to win more than $116,000 in 2019 prize pools.”

His team placed 17th at the 2019 League of Legends World Championships. second at the 2019 VCS Summer and won the Overwatch Contenders in 2019, among other accolades.

Wood holds a BA from George Mason University.

"We chose Max because of his experience and ability to assembly top level teams across multiple esports titles," said Conner Alne, executive director of esports at OU. "He has built a vast network in the esports community and his talents align perfectly with what we are looking for."

"I'm very excited to bring my international success to Ottawa University where I have a chance to assist Mr. Alne with building a national powerhouse," Wood said. "We have all the ingredients for something truly special to be built at Ottawa University."