Letters to the editor

The Kansan

Is this America, the home of the brave and the land of the free?

I have an analogy: a tale versus recent events. Imagine a government official is undergoing a show trial in a banana republic. Uniformed soldiers line the streets. Hundreds of witnesses swear they saw him commit the crime. He provides no proof of innocence but takes the stand and demands the witnesses recant and apologize. He accuses them of racism and demands they be censured, silenced, resign and painted with “Scarlet Letters” (If you are ignorant of the story, look it up). He gets off “Scot free” and proudly states: “Justice has been served.” The courts dutifully acquiesce. The media cheer! Trumpets blare!

Meanwhile, back in the U.S., Democrats have been accused of cheating in the election and stealing it. Hundreds of whistleblowers testify under oath they saw cheating with their own eyes. Democrats who lied in the past about collusion with Russia feign innocence but won’t debate the evidence. Instead, they label the whistleblowers as racists and cultists. There are demands that certain Republican senators and representatives recant, apologize, resign or be recalled because they question the honesty of the election and suggest a commission be appointed to study it.  Vindictive Democrats compile a list of Republicans to be blacklisted and banned from getting a job. Representative A.O.C. suggests children of Republicans be sent to “re-education camps.” Katie Couric suggests “deprogramming” them. Twitter and Facebook ban certain Republicans. Simon & Schuster refuse to publish Sen. Josh Hawley’s book (outright censorship). Freedom of speech is dead for Republicans but the media and “Big Tech” back the Democrats so they can say anything they want.

Democrats control the presidency, the Senate, the House of Representatives and have bluffed the judiciary into submission (the Supreme Court cowers in fear of being expanded and packed with liberal, activist judges who will re-write the constitution). Democrats have threatened to give statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington, DC so they will control the Senate forever. 

Uniformed soldiers and police line the streets during the presidential inauguration.  Joe Biden has the gall to state: “Democracy has prevailed.” The media fawn dutifully! Trumpets blare!

Is this America, the home of the brave and the land of the free? Or has it become Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, North Korea, or a banana republic? Are we going to meekly acquiesce or are we going to “vote the rascals out” in the next election? Will there ever be another fair election in America? Sigh!

— Don Decker, Halstead

What happened to truth?

Whatever happened to elected officials actually having the guts to have truth in advertising their intentions?

I read news reports saying that Gov. Laura Kelly wants to use medical marijuana revenues to pay for the costs of Medicaid patients.  I'm not opposed to Kelly finding revenue to pay for Medicaid but she should have the guts to say she wants straight general taxation to fully fund that worthwhile program.

I'm supportive of Medicaid to worthy/needy persons. I am a bit leery of Kelly claiming Medical Marijuana taxes are a "tool" to use as a revenue generator. I truly feel that the so-called 'medical marijuana" is fake. If it does help, then let the patient be confined (like Otis the town drunk in the old "Andy Griffith Show") until the buzz wears off. Many people tout marijuana's safety, yet various governors (including Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts ) believe that "pot" causes more harm than good. I concur. I know, in the off chance that it works, those people shouldn't mind being temporarily in custody (I hesitate to use the word incarcerated), but studies show that car drivers are impaired after using marijuana and "pot" can even cause birth defects in male sperm. I know I wouldn't want a person using so-called "medical marijuana" driving 75 mph in the lane next to me on any interstate highway. 

I think Kelly is "robbing Peter to pay Paul." Or in this case, she is paying Judas with such a kooky plan. She'll entice more people on dope. If she wants to fully fund Medicaid, fine. Let her impose taxes that tell taxpayers purpose and intent. Let's have truthful accounting, instead of "accounting acrobatics" by our governor,

— James A Marles, Esbon