Letters to the editor

The Kansan

Congrats to museum

Congratulations to the Kauffman Museum for coordinating the successful “Crossroads: Change in Rural America” Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition. Humanities Kansas (HK) appreciates all of the hard work contributed by David Kreider, Andi Schmidt, and all the staff and community volunteers at the Kauffman Museum It was inspiring to see the Kauffman Museum tell stories of the profound changes of the museum and community in their local exhibit “Of Land and People: Our Community at the Crossroads of Change.”

It is clear from the wonderful response to the “Crossroads” exhibition that the citizens of Newton and Harvey County value the exploration of what makes rural communities survive and thrive. We hope that the experience benefits the region for years to come and we look forward to working with your community again on future hometown humanities project.

—  Julie L. Mulvihill, executive director, Humanities Kansas, Topeka.

Not waisting time

Now that the Kansas Legislature is back in session buttressed by an even larger Republican majority it didn’t take long for the members to have a go at the perennial dream of “let’s just get rid of abortion once and for all.”

The legislators had hardly settled in with feet propped up on desks and a hot beverage in hand when the long held dream of a Constitutional amendment was up for a vote. We can’t have the liberal satanic pawns in the courts have the final word, they cried, we alone should have the power to decide a woman’s fate because we know deep down in our God fearing hearts that women shouldn’t have a choice at all, ever. The fetus rules regardless of the circumstances. We can deal with other less important matters later. Who has time for minor concerns like clean energy, health care, jobs, education, infrastructure, and tax fairness while lives are at stake.

It’s fascinating how the pro-life crowd defines life, like it doesn’t exist outside the womb at least to any great degree. We’ll fight like hell to make sure you’re born, they whine, but after that you’re on your own, don’t look to us for pre-natal care, health care coverage, pre-school child care, social safety nets in time of need, no, no, that’s on you. And the mother? Tsk tsk, the life of the mother is almost an after thought, don’t look for empathy here. You should have been more careful, they counsel, but easy access to birth control information and support? Nope, not our problem, and just plain sinful to boot.

Currently in Kansas pro-choice advocates are beset by a maze of ideological, political, and economic roadblocks. To place greater value on a mother’s life can earn one the evil eye from both men and women, along with graphic posters and at times lethal confrontations. For the anti-abortion crowd life in all its glory from birth to death is of little concern, just life in the womb, and death to you if you disagree. Such a narrow focus for such narrow minded people.

Think of a world where abortion would be almost erased, where politicians wouldn’t even think to criminalize motherhood. If government’s would provide a decent quality of life for all families by guaranteeing temporary support if needed for housing, education, health care, child care, nutrition, family planning, etc., the abortion issue would become moot. If anything the procedure would be reduced to life or death medical interventions. All life is precious, if only politicians kept that in mind, but espousing inhumane ideologies, driving wedges between people, and scoring points drive today’s politics. A more humane governing philosophy is sorely needed.

— Timothy Adams, North Newton