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The Kansan

No evidence of wrongdoing

Reps. Ron Estes and Roger Marshall (soon to be senator) along with Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt have embarrassed themselves and the entire state of Kansas.

They signed on to the lawsuit brought by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, which asked the U.S. Supreme Court to throw out the election results from four battleground states. This was the most recent attempt to overturn Joe Biden's 7 million vote margin and 306-232 Electoral College victory.

There have been numerous challenges to those contests, and all have been denied in state and federal courts. There has been no evidence of election wrongdoing. Before being fired for speaking up, Chris Krebs, the election security chief appointed by the president, called the 2020 election "the most secure in American history."

Some Republicans have publicly denounced the effort, including Texas Rep. Chip Roy, who called the case "a dangerous violation of federalism." So, some GOP leaders do have the principles to stand up for democracy instead of taking the coward's way out.

I hope that Kansas voters will remember what these three Kansas officials did when faced with the choice of doing the right thing or buckling under the threat of this president's disapproval.

— Gary Lyndaker, Newton

Smells of political nepotism

I read the article "Kelly to appoint Lt. Gov. Lynn Rogers to fill state treasurer spot" (Dec. 11, thekansan.com). I think the governor shouldn't appoint her own lieutenant to become the next state treasurer of Kansas; such a maneuver smacks of "political incest" or "political nepotism.“

While I have no doubts that the man has a background in finances, that alone is not a sole criteria of being a state treasurer. That position should be held by a man or woman who not only knows about dollars and cents, but also about taxation, savings, retirement plans, farm versus urban land valuations, small business loans by the state, disaster funds that may be sent by the federal government to be faithfully administered, as well as being a compassionate steward of "unclaimed property" which may fall into state hands. Such property shouldn't be sold on eBay to the high bidder, but protected for the rightful owner — or their heirs. Any state treasurer shouldn't be beholden to a past or present governor. Kelly should appoint someone else.

— James A. Marples, Esbon