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Support for Bollier

Doctors and hospitals have fled small towns across Missouri and Kansas in the last decade because they cannot afford to provide healthcare to people who don't have insurance. Many people are reluctant to live in or move to a community without good healthcare access. Kansas has forfeited over four billion (yes, billion) dollars from the federal government since 2014 by not participating in Medicaid expansion. Money that taxpayers have sent to Washington would return to Kansans to provide life saving healthcare and to revitalize local communities with support for hospitals and the people who work in them. My wife and I come from small towns, she's from Madison, Kansas, I'm from Buckner, Missouri. We're now retired from careers in healthcare. We've witnessed the devastation of people who can't get healthcare because they don't have insurance, and it's plain to see what happens when a community doesn't have a hospital reasonably close. Only one candidate for Senator in Kansas, Barbara Bollier, supports Medicaid expansion and lifesaving healthcare for all. Medicaid expansion will help tens of thousands of Kansans and bring millions of dollars back to small towns. Please think about voting for candidates who support the right to live.

— George Harris, Kansas City, Missouri

The election is here

We hope that in these final days prior to the November 3 election everyone has a plan to vote. If not, please go to hvcoks.vote to inform your plan.

We would also hope that those in District 2 of Harvey County will vote for Christy Schunn to serve as Harvey County Commissioner. Though this is her first run for public office, we have known Christy for over 25 years. We have experienced first-hand her leadership abilities through volunteer capacities and also in her job as the executive director of a statewide non-profit, the KIDS Network. That position involves working with cities and towns throughout Kansas to provide education and improve outcomes for maternal and infant well-being. In the past 20 years of directing those efforts, she has developed keen skills of tuning into the needs and following up with specific plans for many communities, large and small.

Christy is running for a seat on the Harvey County Commission to expand representation in local government, increase voter turnout, and foster healthy relationships to build a compassionate community. She will work to lower the county portion (2.0%) of the sales tax on groceries; Harvey County has a higher sales tax than 64.4% of Kansas’ other cities and counties according to Tax-Rates.org.

— Mona and George Krievins, Newton