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The Kansan

Support for Tim Hodge

Tim Hodge is the best candidate to represent the 72nd District. Throughout his time in Topeka, Tim has worked tirelessly to adequately fund our public schools, lower the food sales tax, and bring our voices to the floor of the Kansas House of Representatives.

This includes securing hundreds of thousands of additional dollars in our school district. These dollars, combined with the tireless effort of many of our school employees, have allowed us to provide a better education and environment for our children as well as rehire teachers that were fired due to the failed Brownback tax experiment.

Throughout his time in Topeka, Tim has also worked to secure funding for the reopening of Emberhope Youthville which provides critical housing and support for the most vulnerable of our children. Many of which go on to live successful and happy lives as a result of the support provided to them.

Tim has also dedicated himself to understanding the concerns of everyone within the 72nd district. While I’ve known him, I’ve rarely seen him take a break from his daily walking in which he knocks on the doors of constituents and listens to their concerns. Tim Hodge exemplifies the qualities of a public servant, an effective legislator, and a good person. Due to these qualities, Tim Hodge is the best person to represent the people of the 72nd district in Topeka.

— Nathan Dominguez, Newton

Questioning Hodge

While I might be able to write this to almost any politician, I will address this to Tim Hodge, our current State Representative for District 72.

I first want to acknowledge how hard Tim works. Going door to door and signing up voters takes lots of time. Listening to those good people and promising you will fight for them seems noble – it makes them feel good, it makes them feel like you care and I’m sure it must make you feel something good.

But here is the problem Tim. Fighting can get you only so far. A good leader must quit fighting at some point and figure out a way to actually do something that benefits the people you represent. In talking to other state representatives about you, they use words like condescending, arrogant and bully. As a Democrat in a Republican-controlled state I can understand how frustrating it might be to try to get something done, but your record shows that your method of political engagement has not worked.

I am a registered Republican that actually voted for you the first time you ran. I did so because I thought you would represent your district better than your opponent. Having served with you on the CKCF Board I could see how proud you were of yourself, but I thought that might turn into a desire to get things done. The only way for any politician to get things done is to put forth worthy legislation and figure out how to pay for it.

— Rod Kreie, Newton