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Vet disappointed with Trump

I am a Vietnam veteran and retired U.S. Navy officer. Recently our president was overheard calling those who served in Vietnam "suckers," and added "losers" to callously describe the men and women of the armed forces who died for their country in all wars. This is not surprising given the disgusting things Mr. Trump said on many occasions about John McCain who endured horrible suffering as a North Vietnamese prisoner. A commander and chief who has such little regard for those for whom he is responsible is unforgivable. Clearly I have no respect at all for the man, which leads to an incident that occurred a few days ago.

I was shopping in a local store and while checking out I noticed the cashier sporting a Trump 2020 face mask. Frankly it turned my stomach, not that the person was a Trump supporter, that's a private citizen's right, but that the person's capacity as an employee represented the views of an entire national corporation. Could this highly successful and obviously profitable business think so little of the millions of Americans who served, fought and died for their benefit?

I wanted to say something to the person, who could have been the store manager, but by the time it was my turn the person had left and another employee checked me out. I will not identify the business or the individual but in the future I will take my business elsewhere if at all possible.

— Timothy Adams, North Newton

Wear a mask

Some people are strongly opposed to wearing face masks. They say they don’t want to be told what to do. It infringes on their rights. We are told to use seat belts! We have speed limits! We are told to drive on the right side of the road! We are told to do all these things plus many more for protection of ourselves and others. I don’t like to wear a mask either. It is uncomfortable and inconvenient. I choose to be uncomfortable for a little while than to be sick.

I know we hear different sides about wearing a mask. But when I listen to scientists who are studying this they say it is a good way to stop the virus. Facts show when an area that hasn’t worn masks becomes heavily infected with the virus, and they begin to wear masks and distance, the count goes down. In fact Friday one scientist said they trust the mask more than they do the vaccine because it will take a long time for the vaccine to make most of us safe. Using a mask now can help until the vaccine is ready.

So — how about agreeing to do something you don’t like for the benefit of yourself and others for awhile? It’s better to be safe than sorry. Some people on the news are saying with regret just before they die, “I made a mistake.” Don’t become one of them.

— Wilma Loganbill, Hesston