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The Kansan

Questioning the Kansas GOP

The Republican platform speaks for itself. But Republican candidates are not always as easy to read. They take some study.

In its conventional wisdom the Kansas GOP decided Roger Marshall is the most electable candidate for U.S. Senate, so in an unprecedented move they asked some of the other candidates to bow out of the race. Is that the same as taking a knee? Just asking ... That action brought justifiable ire from the to-be-culled candidates.

Kris Kobach recently spoke in Wichita; he is asking the Kansas voters to consider his unique list of qualifications for the position. His experience is worth the time to study.

His detractors are legion — the usual suspects: Democrats, the media, the Republican establishment — which apparently includes the Kansas GOP. This race is particularly divisive because Kobach lost the gubernatorial race. So in its wisdom, the party is promoting the most “electable” candidate, deemed Roger Marshall. A few Kansan pro-life endorsements have followed at knee jerk speed. But did they do due diligence? In the rush to beat the Democrat candidate, have they fully vetted this person who recently joined several of his congressional buddies to advocate for the immigrant worker while millions of Americans are currently unemployed? Umm ...

Many know Roger Marshall is an obstetrician by vocation; when asked about COVID-19 and vaccines, he is quoted as saying, “I trust Bill Gates’ heart.”

Does that still make him “pro-life”? What do you think?

— Jana Rea, Wichita

A symbol of hate

Recently some community members became aware that a white supremacist flag featuring a swastika was on display outside a McPherson home. This expression of hate impacts our community’s sense of safety, the stability of our neighborhoods, our community’s reputation, property values, and the future growth of our community. The flag was promptly removed. We’re grateful. More work is happening to address the safety needs of those most vulnerable, as well.

The work, however, can’t end there. We are inviting institutions and individuals in McPherson to consider other ways racism shows up — in our own hearts, our relationships, our institutions, and our culture. If you find yourself without answers or believe the answer is “not me, not us,” look for resources about systemic racism and white privilege.

Already, people who are part of McPherson businesses and institutions (faith, education, health care, manufacturing, service sector, philanthropy, finance, history and culture, mental health, social service, advocacy, and more) are joining together to ask these tough questions and build networks of change. Parts of our community have been on this journey longer than others and are offering invaluable wisdom.

Together we’re more powerful. We believe change here is possible. We’re already beginning to see it.

— Kelsey Butcher, Mcpherson; Leia Lawrence, McPherson; Molly Anderson, McPherson; Somer Van Pelt, McPherson; Connie Burkholder, McPherson; Carmen Zeisler, McPherson; Sarah Muehler, McPherson; Tricia Warring, McPherson; Joanna Davidson Smith, McPherson; Kayla M. Onstott, McPherson; Tandy Wine, McPherson; Ivonne Janusz, McPherson; Leslie Frye, McPherson; Tomi Simmons, McPherson; Ann Stover, McPherson; Monica Rice, McPherson; Erica Shook, McPherson; Jerramy Bowen, McPherson; Kristine Schmucker, Moundridge; Karen Loganbill, McPherson; Stephanie Pfeiff, Moundridge; Kristen Reynolds, McPherson; Chris Jones, McPherson; Janelle Flory Schrock, McPherson; Rebecca Pflughoeft, McPherson; Kendra Bowen, McPherson; Annie Henry, McPherson; Jess Lundberg, Lindsborg; Taliatha Hudson-Palmer, McPherson; Francis Hendricks, McPherson; Mariah Hudson-Palmer, McPherson; Jonathan Frye, McPherson; Jessica Griffith, Moundridge; Jean Hendricks, McPherson; Nancy Magnall, McPherson; Dustin Wilgers, McPherson; Sandra Hunter, McPherson; Kendra Flory, McPherson; Tim Frye, McPherson; Jamie Makatche, McPherson; John Makatche, McPherson; Carolyn Schrock, McPherson; Edith Kay Billhimer, McPherson; Dan Stucky, McPherson; Vera Ellwood, McPherson; Madison Welch, McPherson.