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The Kansan

Where was Marshall?

On Monday, July 13, we had an ice cream social at Athletic Park for the candidates for Senate; Kris Kobach, David Lindstrom and Bob Hamilton. What a great evening! Top-notch men running for U.S. Senate ... but where was Roger Marshall? We heard specific plans being laid out by these men for their time in the Senate ... but what are Roger Marshall’s plans? We also heard what issues are important to these men, as candidates/Kansans. But what, pray tell, are the issues that are important to Roger Marshall?! Come to find out, this was not his first forum to miss out on. He’s been a no-show at least FOUR other times. In fact, the last senatorial debate, which was scheduled for later in July, was canceled because Roger Marshall did not want it in debate form. Since the other candidates didn’t agree to the change in format, it just got canceled. Convenient ... for Roger Marshall! What is he afraid of? I find it strange that he had workers there to hand out signs, but he couldn’t show up?! I think we’re learning A LOT about Roger Marshall. He’s the candidate that doesn’t show up.

— Amy Douvier, Newton

Write her in

This is to make all registered Democrats aware of the write-in candidacy of Christy Schunn for 2nd District Harvey County commissioner. Christy is a longtime social worker, a resident of North Newton, and a wife and mother. She has a heart for community and mental health. She will hold property taxes in check, stop wasteful spending on failed ABI projects and increase transparency, As you vote in the Aug. 4 Democratic primary, darken the oval and write in Christy Schunn for a term as your 2nd District Harvey County commissioner.

— Donald Snapp, Newton

Vote for Trump

Joe Biden is nearing a half-century in Washington, D.C., and can anyone name a single redeeming reason to make him president? A vote for Trump is a step back into the sunshine.

Biden is an empty vessel who will say anything to garner political relevance, like the claim of being arrested in South Africa or fabricated war stories, not to mention a lifetime of plagiarism that started in his college days and extended throughout his political career. Biden has proven he will say anything.

Uncle Joe happily recites the script of his radical handlers and is barely able to maintain stamina for a news conference before speaking gibberish.

With the collapse of the objective media, approach negative reporting about President Trump with skepticism and realize that positive news is being suppressed by a national media that has become spin-central for Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

— Greagory Bontrager, Hutchinson

Who is talking but not listening?

It appears White House coronavirus press briefings will return but why did they disappear as the virus certainly didn't?

Given what we see of many recent White House briefings, what will actually return? Some facts haven't been mentioned lately, including the number of cases, the deaths, the lack of serious attempts to stop it and the fact that a real vaccine is needed.

Will Dr. Fauci be there, will he be allowed to speak and, even more importantly, will he be listened to?

This is not a virus that we can hide from nor run away from.

— Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne, Australia