Letters to the editor

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The Kansan

A primary battle

A large number of Kansas Republicans are in a primary battle for the soon to be vacated senate seat held by Pat Roberts, a well funded battle waged on commercial television with a barrage of attack ads and Trump love notes. As the mud thickens commercial television is virtually unwatchable if it wasn't already with its endless drum beat of big pharma mini dramas, personal injury lawyer pleas, and over heated car dealer harangues. The Republican ad campaign mostly boils down to one thing; which candidate most deserves to sit at the right hand of their revered leader, a curious ambition for seemingly mature and educated men who have carved out successful professional and business careers. More than likely their efforts are cynical ploys to woo the voting base of true believers. Yet the senate candidates fight over table scraps from an incompetent leader who is a business failure, racist, misogynist, narcissist, scientifically illiterate, devoid of empathy, and with an ego so fragile that he bullies friend or foe alike for any small slight. Is this their promise to the people of Kansas? Do we want the winner to enter the United States Senate toting a blend of magical thinking and a palate of behaviors that are the complete opposite of the sober, deliberative, reasoned, tolerant discourse envisioned by the nation's founders? Hopefully a majority of Kansans will reject continued intolerance and divisiveness and opt for a candidate whose political values mirror the ideals enshrined in our Constitution's Preamble, most notably a “more perfect union."

— Timothy Adams, Newton

Damage to statues

We are all aware of the damage to historic statues that has occurred in the United States by protesters. I would like to thank the protesters for not damaging the Mennonite statue in Athletic Park. It was reassuring to see him standing tall in our park and not painted with graffiti or thrown into Sand Creek.

— Edward Myers, Newton

Appalled with county commission, sheriff

I am appalled how easily the Harvey County Sheriff and the Harvey County Commission dismissed Governor Kelly's mask order. This is not an issue of personal liberty and it is not “government overreach.” This is science, which it seems Harvey County chooses to disregard. Being an American does not free us from following our civic responsibilities. We do not have freedom to disregard actions that endanger the lives of others. We want our schools to be able to open this fall. We do not need to become “mask police” but our leaders need to urge us to wear masks and show responsible behavior for the good of all.

— Darlene Dick, North Newton

Freedom of speech

Maybe it's because I am not a twit that uses Twitter that I don't understand the way Twitter lets some tweets through and blocks or warns about others including those from President Trump. Like many I have concerns about (un)social media and its ability to spread views too easily including many that I find offensive, racism for example or wrong such as the vaccination opponents or plain stupid as shown by those that think 5G or Bill Gates are involved in the spread of COVID-19. The greatest value of a strong democracy is that it allows for a wide range of viewpoints — even those that are clearly wrong.

From this logic I am confused by Twitter's blocking or blurring of President Trump's warning about the use of "serious force" if there is an autonomous zone set up in Washington, D.C. Surely if Twitter finds this inappropriate then it should remove it rather than the meek response this warning provides.

Few countries, or even people are perfect, but most aspire to be the best they can be. Some don't!

— Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne, Australia