Letter to the editor: There is nothing to fear but fear itself

Staff Writer
Topeka Capital-Journal

My fellow citizens with all the unrest in our country today, it has prompted me to look back at a quote from President Franklin D. Roosevelt in his first inaugural speech:

“The only fear that we have to fear is fear ... fear itself — nameless unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert into advance.”

This quote was made during the days of the Great Depression, yet it holds true today. The nation is torn by the COVID-19, political issues and racial tension. The answer is simple, how do we work together to reach a good solution? Cooperation among people of different beliefs and backgrounds is an answer.

The 2020 legislative session ended in a period of controversy about power and politics. Yet the issues of the COVID-19 pandemic were running rampant in the state. How did the special session end? By compromise, the ability to reach across the aisle to persons of differing political persuasions to produce some beginning legislation that could be accepted by both parties.

The George Floyd incident was certainly something that never should have happened. Find the lawmakers responsible for administering the areas of your concern and let them know your viewpoints.

Violence never solved a problem. we conquer that unknown fear by stating our concerns and finding ways to resolve it, we will truly advance, according to the FDR quote.

Sandra D. Powell, Topeka