Roger’s tips: Enroll in education

Roger Eichelberger

If I’ve said it once, I’m saying again — if you haven’t received a high school diploma, consider making that a goal, attaining your GED or high school diploma.

Next, if you do not enroll in college, try enrolling in classes at a trade school or vocational school. Start with small steps. I encourage you to learn or improve your standard English. Sometimes this means you must work and go to school at the same time. But try to work at continuing your education!

Develop an interest in the exchange of information from meeting together in an educational setting. Ask yourself, “What information do I need to continue my expected goals, dreams, and aspirations?”

You may be thinking, “But I don’t feel good about going to school.” You may not be able to afford not being more educated. Consider classes for your future. I encourage you to give it your all.

“Hope for the future lies in education.”

More education is your best investment! But this will take initiative. Schedule a time to visit with the closest educational institution of your choice. Educational institutions have money to loan, special awards, and assistance of all kinds if you show need. There are scholarships, private loan money, grants, incentive payback plans, work study, part-time jobs, co-op, and more.

Opportunities are out there for those who take time to search for them. But you’ll have to work hard to find what’s possible for you.

Sure, more education generally takes time and money. However, it may be like my grandfather said to me before I went to college: “Roger, you need college for a good education leading to a better job.”

Develop a plan, if you don’t have one, to become educated. Use discretion. Rough out a simple plan soon. Study it more and prepare to work the plan. Go see a counselor at the closest higher education institution. Work out something that fits your budget and time schedules; modify it, if needed. Ask for a second opinion from another institution, employer, or close friend. Consider not procrastinating for your own sake. Prepare for a job that fits your goals in life.

From the book JOB and LIFE OPPORTUNITIE$: MOVING UP by Roger Eichelberger of Hesston which can be purchased at Faith & Life Bookstore.