Letters to the editor

The Kansan

A blatant falsehood

According to Governor Laura Kelly, Kansas Senate Bill 267 will result in a shortage of funding for Public School Education in Kansas.

“ If Senate Bill 267 becomes law it would cut funding for Kansas public schools by more than half a billion dollars.”~~Governor Laura Kelly

This is a blatant falsehood.

According to information from the Kansas Board of Education, the state wide average amount spent per pupil in Kansas when I first commented on this subject was $13,620 per pupil.  This has now risen to an estimated $16,216 for the average amount spent per pupil in Kansas.

That's a 16% increase in the average amount spent per pupil in Kansas in three years.

I challenge Kansas Citizens and the Media to hold Governor Kelly accountable and require her to make accurate and honest statements regarding Kansas Finances, including Kansas Education Funding.

— Kevin Henderson, Halstead.

When will it stop?

The ongoing spate of mass killings in churches, schools, work places, massage parlors, and now a supermarket makes one wonder if there remains any safe public place in America.

Probably the odds of being gunned down while going about ones business are slim, but the statistical evidence that illustrate our current lethal environment should give one pause. The United States is awash in guns, 393 million at last count and the laxity of gun control laws allow all kinds of deadly weapons to be obtained and carried without any restrictions whatsoever.

If, as the NRA and its fellow travelers profess, guns were in the hands of God fearing American patriots protecting their property and loved ones there might not an issue. However, since 13.1 millions American adults live with one or more serious mental illnesses, 2.6 million have a diagnosed psychotic disorder, three out of 10 will have suffer a psychotic episode in their lifetime, and who knows how many more millions have undiagnosed anger and self-control issues, the current mix of gun availability and serious mental and behavioral problems will continue to fuel senseless bloodshed.

So what can be done?

Don’t look to the United States Congress for answers. We are victims of possibly the worst amendment ever written into any foundational document. The 2nd Amendment, the sacred cow of the radical right has provided the rationale for white militias and gun owners throughout history. “

You can’t ban assault weapons, what’s next confiscating all our guns?” As soon as any mention of gun control is mentioned on Capitol Hill the old slippery slope argument is trotted out. According to Senator Cruz it’s all just theater. To him and others gun rights trump all other rights, free speech and assembly be dammed.

For instance, how can I peacefully protest gun violence or stand up for racial equality if intimidated by armed opposition groups. What’s the impact on voter turnout if gun toting “patriots” stand around a polling place. Their answer, “it’s my right to bear arms.”

Okay, a gun owner answers that his gun is for self-protection and our way of life. Why is it then that I don’t feel any sense of protection knowing that many around me are possibly armed and maybe not in a great frame of mind. Forgive me if when I spot your gun I move to the next aisle or ask for a table closer to the door. In any event we must give the Constitution its just due so I propose a solution in line with the era so sacred to those who hold the Founding Fathers in such high regard. Aside from the military, civilian gun owners should feel honored to sport the arms that won the American Revolution, single shop weaponry. Thus, only single shot rifles and shotguns along with single action revolvers would be authorized for civilian use, powdered wigs optional. Further, to acquire even this simple armament a thorough background check and waiting period would be required. 

— Timothy Adams, North Newton