Letters to the editor

The Kansan

Lost in the fog of war

Our Kansas Republican congressional delegation is lost in the fog of a war declared by right-wing domestic terrorists against democracy.

Spared by the disjointed but violent assault on the Capitol and the fallacy of hindsight our cowering legislators emerged from hiding to bravely declare: “hey, we were in no danger, it was no big deal, let’s just put all this unpleasantness behind us, and, by the way we’re all against violence.”

It came as little surprise that shortly after the “unpleasantness” our representatives voted against presidential impeachment. Similarly our valiant senators twisted themselves into ethical knots rationalizing their decision not to convict a seditious president caught on tape firing up an already out of control lynch mob. In the aftermath as voices for accountability rose there was only silence among the Republican ranks.

Do these guys believe in anything remotely in line with our Constitutional principles, the rule of law, and the nation’s welfare? One thing is clear, our Congressional delegates who rest comfortably in their safe seats and ideological bubble aren’t concerned about much of anything that deals with the real world.

Most of them still won’t admit that President Biden won the election. The Republican caucus in both chambers have no policy positions to deal with our national crises except the perennial platform planks of a gun under every pillow, a Bible on every nightstand, the end to reproductive rights, and the reverse Robin Hood tax cut schemes that enrich the wealthy at the expense of everyone else.

You wonder what these guys do all day besides raising money for the next campaign and occasionally showing up to down most everything that could actually help Americans in need. One wonders why are they so afraid to do anything of real benefit. Obviously what they have to fear is fear itself. The elephant in the room is the looming shadow of the former president and a fearsome apparition it is. Why else would a contrite House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy journey to Mar-A-Lago for what might become an annual ring kissing GOP hajj. 

Unfortunately until Republicans come out of their Trump induced hypnotic trance the majority that still cares will just have to limp along to rebuild a long neglected nation rejected it seems by over 70,000,000 of our fellow Americans and sadly almost one-half of the Congress.

— Timothy Adams, North Newton

Thank you to the community

On behalf of the board of directors, staff, and volunteers at Kauffman Museum at Bethel College, I'd like to thank the Newton community for its support of the museum's Kansas Day event on Saturday, January 30, celebrating the 160th birthday of the Sunflower State. Despite the pandemic and rainy weather, 125 guests and volunteers still came out to pick up craft supplies, buy cookies and visit the museum's exhibits. We also had over 360 viewers watch two online programs presented by Glen Ediger on "Mennonite - Food - Traditions" and Jenny Masias on "The Immigrants Who Built Newton: One Spike at a Time."  Both programs are available on the museum's YouTube channel, Kauffman Museum at Bethel College. 

We'd like to especially thank the 20 plus volunteers who helped and the following entities that supported Kansas Day: the City of North Newton, the Newton Public Library, Bethel College, the Newton Convention and Visitors Bureau, Ardent Mills, Adam and Elizabeth Akers, The Toy Depot in Hutch, New Creation Preschool, and Prairy Market and Deli. We very much appreciate the Community Development Grant provided by the City of North Newton to underwrite this event. We hope you’ll join us next year on January 29, 2022 to celebrate Kansas's 161st Birthday!

— Andi Schmidt Andres, director, Kauffman Museum at Bethel College