Letters to the editor

The Kansan

An open letter to Rep. Ron Estes

Sir, just so you can quickly trash this letter if you choose I did not vote for you nor will I vote for you in the future, reason being, to me at least, you are an embarrassment to your country, your office and the people of Kansas. As a member of Congress you have sworn to uphold the Constitution, the democratic process, and the rule of law and yet you have refused to recognize President-elect Biden’s electoral win and further you joined a failed Texas lawsuit to overturn the certified election results in states that sealed his victory. In fact, the Texas loss followed at least 50 failed court cases that offered no evidentiary proof that widespread election fraud had even occurred.

Thankfully, both Republican and Democrat election officials oversaw a secure and honest election, endured numerous recounts, and bravely stood by the results in the face of nuisance lawsuits and personal threats to themselves and their families. Sir, there was no fraud, has not this clear message penetrated the fog of whatever reality in which you reside?

Mr. Estes, I know you recognize morality in some form as you have called for an investigation into the painfully corrupt actions of Wichita city councilman James Clendenen, one egregious example of which was an actual attempt to rig the recent mayoral contest. So somehow you do recognize political malfeasance, but that notwithstanding how can you turn right around and endanger the very country you have sworn to protect. Has your allegiance to the current and very corrupt president who has virtually ripped up the Constitution over the last four years numbed you to the lethal potential of continuing to denigrate the democratic electoral process that is the bedrock of our union? Most Americans and I think you as well do not want us to end up as a third world autocracy where sham elections keep corrupt, self-serving politicians in power. I suggest you man up, admit to the fact that Biden won and work hard over the next four years to get your party in shape for the next presidential race. I still won’t vote for you as we will most certainly disagree on many issues including the value of science, racial justice, climate change, gun control and the rest of the progressive agenda for which you have shown such disdain. What I won’t do, like it or not, is question the results of the election for I know that our local election officials as well as those across this great land do it by the book. Too bad you don’t see it that way.

— Timothy C. Adams, North Newton

How many family and supporters to go?

President Trump 's latest pardons and clemencies include his son-in-law's father, a number of allies involved with the Mueller investigation into Russian interference and four Blackwater guards convicted of the massacre of 17 Iraqi civilians. The last group should never see the light of day again.

Who will be the next on this pardon train, there are not that many family members left and surely none of them have committed any offenses! From what is shown in the media his band of allies is quickly diminishing, so that group is almost completely pardoned. Although presidential pardons can be given to almost anyone, the release of any more murderers from prisons would not be well received.

About the only person left to pardon is himself but to do so would imply that he has done something wrong and surely that is not the case.

Pardon me, but no more pardons please.

— Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne, Australia