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Valentine offers endorsement

The primary election is behind us, and having spent much time in prayerful consideration, I am making the decision to endorse Avery Anderson, Republican candidate for the 72nd District House seat.

There will be some that will neither understand nor accept my decision. As a Christian, I’ve experienced times when my fellowship with Christ is broken, for one reason or another by me. Following the primary, I was hurt by all that led to Avery’s successful win. I fought bitterness, convincing myself I was over the loss, but knowing I could not move on until I had forgiven Avery for the campaign he ran against me. Considering Christ’s forgiveness to me on the cross, I knew I needed to extend that forgiveness to Avery. It took weeks, turning anger to prayer, but I began to have that sense of freedom. In recent days, I have peacefully moved on. Then this last weekend, I had the opportunity to see that freedom come to an unexpected fulfillment: I met with Avery to tell him I have forgiven him and to share things with him regarding his campaign. Considering the grave importance of this upcoming general election, it is imperative that the Kansas Legislature be filled with conservative Republicans. Putting the intense campaign behind me, I endorse Avery as our Republican candidate for the 2020 November election for the 72nd District seat. Friends, thank you for your support in the Primary; now I ask you to support me in focusing on turning this “blue” seat, held by the Democratic incumbent, to “red” and send Avery to the Statehouse in Topeka!

— Kathy Valentine, Newton

Shame and hypocrisy

From 1932 to 1972, 600 destitute black men in Tuskegee, Ala., were promised free health care from our federal government. Instead they were used as guinea pigs to test the results of untreated syphilis in a population. Many of the men died. Forty wives were infected. Nineteen babies were born with congenital syphilis. Only when a whistle blower leaked the story in 1972 to the New York Times was the program discontinued. Ah, democracy!

Beginning sometime in 2018 immigrant women seeking safety here in the U.S., but trapped instead in our detention centers have suffered hysterectomies against their will.

We the Christian nation, the United States, the shining example lifting our light above the dark for all to honor and emulate. What a farce! Our shame and hypocrisy is beyond the pale.

— Beth Vannatta, Halstead