Asbury Park plans car parade

Chad Frey
The Asbury Park Car Parade route will start at S.W. 12th Street and Poplar.

According to Don Voth, an administrator at Asbury Park, life for residents in the long-term care facility has been difficult for the past couple of months.

No visitors have been allowed due to public health orders issued by Gov. Laura Kelly and the County Board of Health/Harvey County Commission.

There is a plan, however, for a brief social interaction between residents and their families. Asbury Park will host a car parade at 10 a.m. Friday.

“Residents will be sitting outside and families will drive by,” Voth said. “They will be able to see each other and wave hello, something of that nature. We are trying to set something up so residents can get interaction with their families.”

The county extended the “no visitation” orders for one week on Tuesday while moving the county to the “phase out” stage of a reopening plan after stay-at-home orders issued to try to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Social distancing guidelines will be in effect Friday for the car parade at Asbury Park, so those going to see their families will have to limit things to a wave.

“We will follow all the guidelines from the CDC and social distancing. There will be no dangers there,” Voth said.

Asbury Park is located at 200 S.W. 14th St. The residents will be positioned as follows: Nelson Hall, positioned in the drive between Nelson Hall and Assisted Living Building; Evergreen, north of basement entrance; Sunflower, south of basement entrance; Greenhouses, sidewalks in front of their houses; and Assisted Living, administration entrance.

Cars should begin on S.W. 12th Street going south on Poplar Street.