Newton apartment complex suffers fire damage

Chad Frey
The Kansan

A fire left four units of Fox Meadows Apartments on West 12th street uninhabitable after an Aug. 11 fire.

Fire gutted one fourplex at Fox Meadows Apartments, 720 W. 12th, Aug. 11.

According to Newton Fire/EMS, the fire was out quickly but "caused significant damage to the back of a fourplex apartment."

"When crews go there, the fire had extended and was consuming a quadplx," said Steve Roberson, Chief of Newton Fire/EMS. "Both balconies were fully involved with extension of flames to the roofline."

The fire, which started outside of the building, occurred when no one was at home in the units affected meaning no one was injured during the fire.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Damage estimates stand at $50,000 for the building its self, and $20,000 for the contents of the building. 

The apartment complex, constructed in 1974, has a total of 48 units. The complex is a mixture of 750 square foot one bedroom and 900 square foot two bedroom apartments. 

Each building unit is two stories. 

Fire gutted both upstairs and downstairs units of one apartment building. Those units were boarded up and empty Aug. 12.