City of Newton program will combat junk at the curb

Chad Frey
The Kansan
The city is starting a sticker notification program for items left at the curb.

In August, the City of Newton will begin a new program to keep roadsides clear of old furniture and other junk, a program approved by the Newton City Commission earlier this year. 

Call it a last chance for property owners to clean up the curb, or to call for a bulky item pickup. Call it a sticker program. No matter what it is called, the city will begin notifying property owners of the need to either remove items left at the curb or call for a bulky item pickup. 

 It has always been a violation of City Code to leave old furniture or junk at the curb.

According to Erin McDaniel, city public information officer,  in the past someone had to submit a complaint to the City’s Environmental Control Officer, who then had to go out to verify the violation and send a letter to the property owner, who then had 10 days to clean it up. The process often resulted in junk sitting at the curb for weeks at a time. This new program will speed up the cleanup process.

Here’s how it will work:

Beginning Aug. 2, if there are old furniture or other junk items sitting at the curb, city crews will place a notice on the item stating that residents 48 hours to either remove it or request a bulky-item pickup.

If the items are not removed or a pickup scheduled in 48 hours, the city will pick up the item and the residents' utility account will be charged $20, double the regular bulky-item fee.

If a bulky-item pickup request is made within the 48 hours, then residents will not be charged double. They will be charged the current bulky-item fee of $10 on their next utility bill.

The notice will state the address of the property in violation, the date and time the notice was placed, and the Sanitation office number to contact with questions.

Along with the notice placed on the item, a notice will be left on the door of the residence and on your trash container if it happens to be your collection day.

Only items acceptable for the City’s bulky-item pickup will be collected. Remodeling debris, household trash, and yard waste sitting at the curb will have to go through the usual environmental control process.

The program is also only for items sitting in the right-of-way at the curb. Complaints about junk in the yard or elsewhere on the property will go through the standard environmental control process.

For those with bulky items, a request  for bulky-item pickup can be made before the next trash day for a $10 fee. Call 316-284-6070 or go to  

The city does provide a free landfill coupon from the utility billing office at City Hall for residents who wish to haul bulky items to the transfer station themselves. Each household can pick up two coupons per year.

For a large volume of items or remodeling debris, residents can rent a 10-cubic-yard roll-off dumpster by calling 316-284-6070 to learn more.