East Lake waters closed for Blue Green Algae warning

Chad Frey
The Kansan

Concern with  Blue Green Algae  at Harvey County East Lake which started about three weeks ago has led to the closure of lake waters for a second time. 

The first closure of East Lake waters about three weeks ago was precautionary, this week the lake is closed due to a  Blue Green Algaewarning.

Harvey County Parks staff announced the closure of the waters of East Lake Park on July 15, when KDHE issued a new warning for the lake. 

As a result of the warning swimming, skiing, jet skiing and wading are not allowed at East Park. Boating is allowed at no-wake speeds only.

"We understand any frustration, but our No. 1 priority is and always will be to provide safe recreational areas for our visitors," wrote park staff on the parks Facebook page. "We will continue to monitor the water, and will update on any future status changes."

KDHE issues new watch and warning lists on a weekly basis. Those warnings are based on weekly water testing. 

Park staff issued the following  recommendations if you visit East Park this week:

Avoid all contact with the water

Do no let people or pets eat dried algae or drink contaminated water

Swimming is not allowed

Skiing, jet skiing and wading are not allowed

Boating is allowed at no-wake speeds only

If fish are caught for consumption, clean well with potable water and eat only the fillet portion.

There are three categories from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for harmful algal blooms: watch, warning and hazard. Previously, the lake at East Park was in a watch, but has now increased to a warning.

This only affects the water at East Park. West Park and Camp Hawk are not currently under any advisories, and remain open to all activities.

Current watches and warnings from KDHE: 

Active Advisories


Herington Reservoir (New City Lake), Dickinson County

Gathering Pond at Milford, Geary County

Milford Lake Zone C, Geary County

Harvey County East Lake, Harvey County (upgraded 7/15)

Altamont City Lake “Idle Hour” Main Lake, Labette County (upgraded 7/15)

Big Hill Lake, Labette County

Marion Reservoir, Marion County

Webster Reservoir, Rooks County

Jerry Ivey Pond, Saline County

Big Eleven Lake, Wyandotte County


Brown State Fishing Lake, Brown County (downgraded 7/15)

Mission Lake Horton, Brown County

Herington City Lake (Old Lake), Dickinson County

Geary State Fishing Lake, Geary County (new)   

Milford Lake Zones A and B, Geary County

Horsethief Reservoir, Hodgeman County

South Lake, Johnson County

Altamont City Lake “Idle Hour” North Lake, Labette County (new)

Linn Valley Lake, Linn County

Marion County Lake, Marion County

Melvern Outlet Pond, Osage County

Overbook City Lake, Osage County

Agra City Lake, Phillips County

Atwood Township Lake, Rawlins County

River Pond below Tuttle Reservoir, Riley County (new)