Three things that happened at city commission

Chad Frey
The Kansan
City of Newton, Kansas.

The Newton City Commission met June 8. Three things that happened that night included:

1. Approved the creation of a water/sewer district

The developer of Summer Crossing Addition, Ron Harder, petitioned the city for the creation of a benefit district to provide water, sewer and streets to  the third phase of a development located south of Wheatridge Drive and west of Old Main.

Infrastructure improvements will open up 24 additional lots for single family development. Estimates for the work include more than  $181,500 for swerer improvements, $89,840 for water distribution improvements and $495,000 for street and storm sewer improvements. 

The improvements will be funded through special assessments taxes on the lots within the district. Bonds will be sold and the annual special assessments paid annually by those lots in each benefit district for the specific improvements. The City will pay 5.3 percent of the street project due to the policy that the city-at-large pays for intersection costs. All of the projects will be bonded and the annual special assessments will pay the bond payments. 

2. Updated an agreement with Caring Hands

The city updated its contract with Caring Hands Humane Society — the city contracts with the humane society for animals captured by Newton Police Department's animal control officer. 

Under the updated contract, the city will pay about $47,000 along with daily fees in the next year for the housing of animals. The city has budgeted this amount for the past three years.

3. Rebid a project

The commission rejected all bids for a project to demolish a home at 611 E. Eighth Street. 

The low bid did not include all of the paperwork needed, meaing there was only one qualified bid. The commission rejected all bids, and authorized a new bid process. Bids will be due June 15.