County stays at four breakthrough COVID cases

Chad Frey
The Kansan

To date, Harvey County has logged four "Breakthrough" COVID-19 cases — someone who tests positive for the the disease after being fully vaccinated. None of those were logged in the last week. 

How long those vaccinations last is not currently known — however the Kansas Department of Health and Environment has advised the county health department that the protection is beleived to be infinate. That may, or may not, include a needed booster shot. 

"The information was restated as far as to what the [Center for Disease Control] is saying for immunity," said Lynnette Redington, director of the Harvey County Health Department. "There is research out there and we know there is research out there on a booster. We don't know what that looks like and if it will arrive in the fall. We kind of feel like there will be one."

Redington told the county commission this week that the guidance, at this time, on immunities includes immunities for those who have contracted the virus and recovered. 

"If you had covid, and have not been vaccinated, you have a six month immunity," Redington said, citing guidance from CDC. "They are considering those vaccinated, at this point in time, that you have an infinite amount of time of immunity. They used to have a guidance of 90 days, then we went to six months. Now they are saying you would not have to be quarantined if you got in contact with someone if you are fully immunized.

Currently the county has seen 433.7 per thousand people with at least one dose, and 383.9 per thousand becoming fully vaccinated.

There have been a total of  3,665 cases in the county since the pandemic began — with 16 new cases last week. To date, 3,583 have recovered while there have been 67 deaths in the county — one new death in the last week.  

Three free testing sites remain the the county — Harvey Drug, Hesston Drug Store and Chisholm Trail Retail and Outlet Shops. Appointments can be made at