Candidates begin filing for fall election

Chad Frey
The Kansan

There's a countdown on the Harvey County Elections website — one that shows about 173 days until the next election. 

And election prep is ongoing — from the clerk's office ordering new voting equipment last month to posting the fling deadline for canidates in the upcoming city and school elections. 

That deadline is June 1, and there have been some filings for some of those local elections. 

Filings for fall city and school elections have begun.

Thus far, four candidates — three of them incumbents — have filed for the Newton City Commission race that will be decided Nov. 2. 

Eric Thompson filed for a run at the city commission, with incumbents Leroy Koehn, Rod Kreie and Kathy Valentine each filing in an attempt to retain their seat.  The top two vote winners in that race will receive a four year term, with the third place finisher receiving a two year term. 

In Halstead, three seats are up for election. Thus far, only Brody Flavin has filed for a spot on the council. Those sitting in the seats coming open include Ed Campbell, Sam Farmer and Micheal S. Wallace. Mayor Dennis Travis' term is also ending, and at this time no one has filed for the seat. 

Hesston will elect two council members to a four year term, seats currently held by Jason Jones and Brad Unruh. Mayor David Kauffman's term is also expirieing thus far, there are not filings in the Hesston city races. 

In Burrton three council members seats will expire, those held by Jason Froese, Troy Mueller and Greg Robinson. The mayor's seat held by Rody Redinger is also coming due. There have not yet been filings for those races. 

In North Newton Dennis Campbell, Gregg Dick and Jim Goering will all see their four year terms expire. None have yet filed for reelection, and no one has filed for the seats. 

In Sedgwick two council seats come due — those held by Carol Turesdell an Miranda Tolin. The mayoral seat held by A. Bryan Chapman is also due. To date, there have been no election filings. 

In Walton two council seats, those held by Reece Hiebert and Jessica Williams, come due. Mayor Barry Wentz's seat is also coming due. To date, there have been no filings. 

Four school boards will host elections as well — and to date only two people have filed for board positions in the county. Both of those filed in Sedgwick, where Travis Francis is seeking to retain his position four seat and Dwight A. Wilkes is seeking the position five seat currently held by Bryan Thompson. The position six seat, held by Beth Fields, and a vacant position one seat are also on the ballot this fall. 

Burrton USD 369 is seeking three board members to serve four-year terms, seats coming due held by William Klein, Karl Matlack an Anthony Schmidt. 

Newton USD 373 is seeking to fill three seats for four year terms. Those seats are currently held by Angela Becker, Andy Ortiz and Dayna Steinmetz. 

Halstead will attempt to fill the position four seat held by Joy Hoofer, position five seat held by Tim Boese and position six seat held by Tom Wise. 

In Hesston seats currently held by Layne Frick, Susan Rostetter and Zach Weaver will be on the fall ballot.