Three things that happened at city commission

Chad Frey
The Kansan

1. Discussed bulky item pickup

The city will begin a sticker program for bulky items left in the right of way.

Bulky items sitting in the public right-of-way will have a sticker placed on them stating it needs to be removed within 48 hours or residents need to call in a bulky item collection to the sanitation office at 316-284-6070.

If the item is not removed, the utility account for the property will be charged and the item will be removed by the city. The fee for removal will be double the current bulky item pick-up fee. The current fee is $10. Calling for a bulky item pickup will avoid the doubling of the fee. 

City of Newton, Kansas.

2. Moved forward with demolition

The commission approved moving forward with the Court ordered demolition of a home at 611 East 8th. The property, now vacant, was the site of a home fire that damaged the home. 

In addition, the commission approved moving forward with court ordered clean-up  at two other properties.

The first  property is located at 505 E. 7th C. The first violation notice as went sent in 2017 citing siding, windows and painting in need of repairs. The city has also cited junk and trash in the yard, tires, brush, lumber around the porch area need to be removed from the premises.

The second property is located at 400 W. 10th, a  court ordered clean-up for minimum housing code violations  Violations include missing or deteriorated siding and/or soffit material in need of replacing,  exposed wood or peeling paint in need to be painted, a hole in roof needs to be repaired.

\City staff will move forward with obtaining quotes/bids for the work required. Once bids are received, the commission will be asked to approve the cost of the work. 

3. Approved a closure of Athletic Park Circle

The commission approved closing of Athletic Park Circle from 7 to 11 a.m.  May 8  for the Annual Eagle 5K Fun Run/Walk, a fund-raising event for Newton Bible Christian School. 

For more information or to register for the event, contact the school office by calling 316-283-1337 or email