Updated: Police investigate death on Roanoke Court

Chad Frey
On Monday, police were investigating a death on Roanoke Court.

Oct. 19. Newton police were investigating a death on Roanoke Court.

“We were called for a welfare check,” said Lt. Jason Thompson. “Officers went in, located deceased person and based on some factors and things they saw at the scene called for an investigation.”

Police completed an investigation of the home Monday night.

“We got a search warrant because of the condition of the house. After our investigation of the house, it does not appear there is anything suspicious with this,” said Lt. Scott Powell. “... It looked suspicious when we got there. During our investigation, I do not think it is.”

An autopsy will be performed by the county corner’s office.

“There will be an autopsy, and then we will know for sure,” Powell said.

The case is still under investigation.

“This will likely be a natural cause death,” Powell said.

The one-block-long street was the site of a double homicide in 2017.