Man with gun arrested at drive-thru

Chad Frey
The Kansan

One man was arrested following a gun-related incident Saturday in the 200 block of E. 12th.

According to Lt. Scott Powell with the Newton Police Department, there were minors in a car at 12-Brew Drive-Thru who were “being loud.”

Devon Parhm, 29, Newton, was in the car behind the family and began yelling at the car in front of him.

According to police, a woman got out of her car to confront Parhm.

“She asked why he was yelling at the kids,” Powell said. “There was a gun in his lap. She called police.”

The entire event was witnessed by a church gathering across the street at Haven’s Park.

Parhm was arrested in connection with aggravated assault and criminal threat.

“They got the gun, and they got him,” Powell said.