Katherina von Bora Luther to be in downtown Lindsborg

Chad Frey

LINDSBORG — The reformation was more than Martin Luther's 95 thesis, and his wife is part of the story. Through the magic of   Historical Echoes, Katherina von Bora Luther will tell her story Oct. 30 in downtown Lindsborg.

Bonnie Johnson will present Katherine Luther in Lindsborg.

Using the Historical Echoes pattern, performers speak to an audience first in character and then take questions afterwards as themselves. One of the organization's founders, Bonnie Johnson, will bring Katherina von Bora Luther to life  at 2 p.m. on Oct. 30 at 126 N Main Street, Lindsborg.

 Kathreina will meet the public with an authentic story of her life and journey with Martin and the Reformation. The event is free, but reservations are requested either online at Galleria-arts.com or in the Galleria at 126 N Main, Lindsborg. Studio seating is limited. Please bring a chair and a friend.

According to Historical Echoes, Katherina von Bora Luther was a Renaissance woman, wife of Martin Luther, hospitality and business manager for Luther's reformation work. Katerina was born into nobility, but without wealth. She was designated to live life in a convent since she had no dowry. Her story is one of risk-taking and independence at a time woman's place was as a housekeeper and her role was childbearing. The Luthers survived the plague, the wars of the Holy Roman Empire and sought to reform - not destroy - the Roman Catholic church of the 16th century. Doctor Luther valued her thinking, partnership and input around the table, with theological scholars of the time.