Pet obituary: Sir Hepher Von Hephelsworth Wolfe

Chad Frey
Sir Hepher Von Hephelsworth Wolf

Sir Hepher Von Hephelsworth Wolfe of Walton, Kansas, crossed the rainbow bridge on Sunday, October 25th, cuddling with his mom on the couch. Born January 8, 2008, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Hepher was the son of Ashley and five years later was also adopted by his loving dad, Bane. He is survived by his brother, Oliver, and sister, Melody. He was preceded iLifen death by his brother, Apache, whom he never met, but who welcomed him happily to the other side.

First and foremost, Hepher loved his family. He was always there to greet them with a bone and a waggy butt. He was dad's best buddy when he needed a companion during time away from the rest of the family for work. He was mom's best friend across 4 states, through 5 relationships and all the drama that comes with roommates, college, and starting a career. Being a loving big brother, he was frequently ready to wrestle and always ready to cuddle. He taught Oliver and Melody about the importance of blankets and where the treat jar was located.

Hepher's favorite activities were going for walkies, rolling in poop, barking at other dogs, and napping. Hepher was an optimistic fellow and loved most things, except rain, Hepher hated going out in the rain. Hepher loved car rides, carrots, belly rubs, and giving squeakwets. He loved to lay in the sun and collect belly spots all summer and tearing the squeaker out of toys. Hepher went camping, hiking, kayaking and toward the end, on special quadricycle rides with his mom and dad. He lived his very best life.

Hepher lost a hard battle with hemangiosarcoma after months of bravery. Hepher spent time after his diagnosis and splenectomy creating and completing a bucket list that he made with his mom and dad. His last months were a gift and will be cherished forever.

His family will think of him every time they peel an orange and miss him every time they go down a slide. They will keep his memory alive by word of mouth until his memoirs can be published.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you give all your furry friends scritches in honor of Hepher. Hepher left behind very specific instructions for his brother and sister to be the very best dogs, which they have agreed to do.