Newton author publishes book on zombies and vampires

Chad Frey
The Kansan

Frisco Sullivan has lived in Newton for about four years, and for three of them he has spent most of his free time parked in front of a computer, writing. This month he is enjoying the fruits of those efforts, as his book "Unholy Alliance" is in publication. 

Frisco Sullivan of Newton spent his free time the last three years writing a new book, which is now published.

"It took a long time to do this," Sullivan said. "... The research, writing and calling people. I got permission to use the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I talked to a bunch of religious groups on their views on death and zombies."

The 57-year-old graduate of Emporia State and El Dorado native has now penned four books. This one was a little different than his others — as he switched from spy fiction to sci-fi/horror genre. 

Sullivan, a former police officer and sheriff's deputy, decided to start writing books after one-too-many long nights working in the Wyandotte County Jail. 

"I got tired of reading books. I thought 'why not try and write one. I have some ideas,'" Sullivan said. 

He started to work on his first book, and when it was completed it was published. Then came another, and then a third. 

He noticed that sales of his books began dropping, and came to the realization that if he was going to keep writing a change was needed. 

"The genre just did not work," Sullivan said. "It just fell flat. ... I thought since vampires and zombies are a hot topic, why don't I give a shot at that?"

In this book, there is a worldwide outbreak of zombies. That outbreak is more than humanity can handle alone, and an alliance between humankind and vampires becomes needed. 

That is where the title comes from. 

"[Vampires] realize that the zombies are killing their food supply," Sullivan said. 

Research was needed — looking at the lore of zombies and of vampires. Sullivan also researched military proceedures as he wrote. He also spent time scouting the Flint Hills, where the final battle occurs. 

Unholy Alliance is about a scientific experiment gone wrong. A good theory turns into a calamity for humanity as human drones get exposed to a chemical, causing them to become mindless flesh-eating creatures. As they continue to multiply, a supposedly mythical creature is found to be real. The only hope humanity has is to decide to either side with those who want them for food but can be reasoned with, or creatures who only want to kill you.

He has started on a sequel to this book, putting in about two weeks of work on that manuscript so far. 

"This one will not be quite as detailed," Sullivan said. 

"That's what he says now," said his wife Stacy. ".. He listens to music to help him stay focused. He just lets it write itsself. ... He does not have a set forth plan on how it writes. He just goes through it. He will put on his headphones and sit for three or four hours writing. I don't mind it, that is what his talent is."

Unholy Alliance is available from Dorrance Publishing at