Ryan Flaming: A look at the test plot

Ryan Flaming
The Kansan

The full wheat plot test results are posted on our website at https://www.harvey.k-state.edu/agriculture/ but I will do a brief breakdown of the top five varieties.

The full breakdown of the six replicated wheat plots and 30 varieties is on the website. The average yield for the plot was 65 bushels an acre and test weight was 55.9.

I would like to thank Central National Bank for sponsoring our wheat plot this year.

Variety Yield Test Wt

WB6966 78.6 54.8

Zenda 72.4 57.2

SY Bob Dole 72 55.2

Rockstar 71.2 55.7

KS Venada 70.6 56.6

— Ryan Flaming is a Kansas State Research and Extension agent for Harvey County. Agriculture is his specialty. He can be reached at 316-284-6930.