New business celebrates female entrepreneurs

Chad Frey
The Kansan
Keena Garcia opened her business, 3G Sewing & Embroidery, on April 1 at the Cedar Village Shopping Center on S. Washington in Newton.

Keena Garcia, 45, Newton, looks around her new her new shop and sees more than wares available for sale. She sees amazing artisans — female entrepreneurs — from the area. 

"These are fabulous local women, entrepreneurs who have come together to sell their products. They are all women, and they are all wonderful," Garcia said. 

Her new business, 3G Embroidery & Sewing, grew out of her own home-based business. Inside her shop in the Cedar Village Shopping Center on South Washington are her own wares. 

3G Sewing and Embroidery grew out of Keena Garcia's home business.

Working out of her home, she made gifts and embroidered logos. 

"I am now going to offer my embroidery to the general public," Garcia said. "Letter jackets, whatever. I can do business logos.  I also make gifts. .. handmade, handcrafted gifts."

Her home-based business grew, despite being shutdown for a time due to Pandemic COVID-19. During the pandemic she lost one her main sales generators — craft shows. Those shows, which she would attend as often as three times a month, closed for the pandemic. 

After 25 years of sewing, and years of selling her wares, she needed a new avenue for those sales. About a month ago she began working on  a storefront concept — and the 3G idea was born after conversation with friends and family who wanted to help make the business go. 

About a dozen area artisans are selling wares on consignment at 3G Sewing & Embroidery.

Her store, housed in what was once a CBD shop, opened to the public on April 1.  

"This all is God. He pointed me in the right direction about a month ago and this has rolled hard and fast," Garcia said.

That included about a dozen area artisans who have agreed to sell goods in her storefront on consignment. Included in her offerings are bath products, homemade salsa, homemade jewelry, homemade wine jelly, papercrafts and wreaths.

About a dozen area artisans are selling wares on consignment at 3G Sewing & Embroidery.