AGCO takes energy reduction measures

Chad Frey
The Kansan
AGCO is a manufacturer of agricultural equipment with a plant in Hesston.

In the anticipation of extremely large natural gas bills, one of Harvey County's largest employers has made changes to operations in an attempt to stay open and keep people working. 

In a letter to employees, AGCO of Hesston stated that one year ago the gas bill at the Hesston manufacturing facility was $120,000 for the month of February, but the company estimates that bill to rise to between $2 and $10 million. 

"This makes normal operations cost prohibitive," the letter stated. 

The company has reduced thermostat settings to 55 degrees and directed employees to keep all overhead doors closed. 

The company shut down the plant for two days this week as well. 

"We want and need to get back to work, but need to do so with lowest possible safe operating cost," the letter said.